S.T.A.R. Program (Skills To Achieve Results)

To make a successful transition from academics to a very competitive world of work, you will need to develop important skills for presenting your qualifications to potential employers.  The STAR Program is designed to provide opportunities to develop your employability skills.  

The STAR Program is a series of seminars, workshops, services, and events designed to help you develop the develop employability skills and present yourself professionally to potential employers and be successful after you graduate from UNF.

Click on the Calendar of Events on the right menu for a listing of Dates and Times for the various workshops and seminars.

For resume critiques: Career Services offers daily Walk-In Times.  Call Career Services to check on the daily schedule.


Required Steps:

Have your resume or cover letters critiqued by our staff of Career Services professionals


Use InterviewStream and a webcam to conduct a practice interview. Email your interview to Career Services for a critique. If you don't have a webcam, call Career Services and ask to schedule one of our interview rooms with computer/webcam setup.



Also Choose Two Of The Following: 

STAR Workshop: : Resume and Cover Letter Writing:   Learn how to write cover letters and develop a resume.

STAR Workshop: Interviewing for Success: Learn what to expect during a job interview and how to prepare.


STAR Workshop: Job Search Strategies:  Plan and implement a comprehensive job search campaign.  .

CAREERS AT NOON: Applying To Graduate and Professional Schools
Learn about the admissions process for graduate and professional schools.

CAREERS AT NOON: From the Other Side of the Job Search-What Employers Look For: Employer reps from different career fields talk about their recruiting strategies and what they look for from candidates.



Begin the STAR Program at any time and in any order.


Dress For Success Resources


How To Tie A Tie

What colors to wear to an interview


Self-Directed Workshops Available on Blackboard 

STAR 1 and STAR 2 Workshops can now be taken on line through Blackboard. Simply contact Career Services ask to be added to the Blackboard Career Services STAR Program. Be sure to give:

a. Your full name
b. Your n number
c. Your major
d. Your email address


You will be added to the STAR Course, where you can view the Online Workshops and take the Quizzes for each workshop. To receive credit for the workshops you must score at least 80% on each quiz (Quizzes are 20 Questions). After successfully "passing'" each quiz you will be credited for the workshops in Career Wings.


Remember: You must be registered in Career Wings to participate in the STAR program.



S.T.A.R. Recognition

Career Services recognizes all students who complete the S.T.A.R. Program with a STAR Certificate and special STAR Pin to wear at major recruiting events.


 Star Pin


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