In conjunction with the Department of Labor's celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has posted a short video entitled "Disability Inclusion Starts with You."  This public service announcement-style video encourages applicants and employees with disabilities to voluntarily self-identify by explaining the key role that self-identification plays in measuring contractor's progress toward achieving equal employment opportunity for people with disabilities.  The video also explains the Section 503 requirement that contractors invite voluntary self-identification from their applicants and employees, and the strictly confidential nature of any disability information provided.

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Career Links 


EMPLOY ME FIRST-  An initiative dedicated to matching dynamic individuals with disabilities to employers in Northeast Florida. 


 Enable America:
Offers business and community connections.

Entry Point Internships:
Provides mentoring, internship opportunities, assistive technologies and skills training.


Getting Hired:
Where people with disabilities gather, network, and find success in the workplace with enlightened employers.


Riley Guide:
A list of online job resources for people with disabilities.

Florida Career Link:
A job search database for the state of Florida.


State of Florida Department of Labor & Employment Security:
Job search portal for the state of Florida powered by


Entry Point:
Internship opportunities for students with disabilities in science, engineering, mathematics, computer science and some fields of business.


Equal Opportunity Publications, Inc.:
Provides a list of companies that are actively recruiting college graduates and professionals with disabilities. This site also has a resume database and links to CAREERS & the disabled magazine’s career expos.


Job Accommodations Network:
International toll-free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations, the employability of people who have disabilities, and other information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Just One Break, Inc.:
Employment services for people who have disabilities, including job placement services, college internship programs, mentoring programs, ADA consulting services, and interviewing tips.


Lift, Inc:
This non-profit organization identifies, trains, and hires computer professionals who have physical disabilities through contracts with major corporations.  After training, people are assigned to corporations that can hire the specialists after a one-year apprenticeship.


Bender Consulting

People with disabilities who are interested in working for federal government agencies should apply.  Put "Federal Opportunities" in the subject line.  -job website for companies wanting to hire candidates with disabililties


Career Library Resources


"Career Exploration, Development and Guidance for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities" 
Career exploration, development and guidance.


"Career Resource Guide For People With Disabilities"
One-stop reference to help people with disabilities achieve their educational and professional goals including more than 8,000 disabilities-related entries, of which 3, 000 are new to this edition.


"Disability and Business – Best Practices and Strategies for Inclusion"
Based on more than 100 interviews with inside sources of Microsoft, IBM, Cingular, Boeing, SunTrust another major companies that have already enjoyed success and recognition in the disability field.


"Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability"
Practical and technical advice on job hunting, interview techniques, “fitting in” the workplace, and whether or not to disclose a diagnosis.


"Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities" 
Complete career planning guide and job search techniques for the disabled to identify strengths, explore career options, learn resume writing and prepare for interviews. Learn employment laws and rights.


"Life Beyond the Classroom" 
Transition strategies for young people with disabilities.


Making Self-Employment Work for People With Disabilities"
Understanding person-centered business planning and how to pinpoint interests, strengths, and goals.


"Real Work for Real Pay" 
This book describes inclusive employment opportunities for people with disabilities.



Department of Justice - Office on the Americans with Disabilities Act
P.O. Box 66118
Washington, DC 20035
Hotline: (202) 514-0301
TT: (202) 514-0383

Florida Governor's Alliance for Citizens
Magnolia Office Park
345 South Magnolia Drive #11
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations
815 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Division of Blind Services
1809 Art Museum Dr. Suite 201
Jacksonville, Fl 32207
Phone: (904) 348-2730

Foundation on Employment and Disability
3820 Del Amo Blvd. #201
Torrence, Ca 90503

National Center for Disability Services
201 I.U. Willetts Road
Albertson, NY 11507

The Vet Center
A counseling and job related service in the Jacksonville area.  This center serves military veterans. 
300 East State Street
Jacksonville FL
Phone: (904) 232-3621

Center for Independent Living
 This center assists in the job search process and in other areas for their clients. 
5243 Beach Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 

Phone: (904) 399-8484

Employment Program
A center primarily for the assistance of senior citizens.  This center is mainly involved in career and job counseling.  Their center is located at 134 East Church Street

Jacksonville, FL

Phone: (904) 353-2301

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
1801 L. Street NW
Washington, DC 20507
(800) 669-3362

ADA Regional Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center
Hotline: (800) 949-4232

Association for Persons in Supported Employment
5001 West Broad Street #34
Richmond, VA 23230

Dole Foundation for the Employment of People with Disabilities
1819 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Just One Break
373 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016

National Organization on Disability
910 16th Street NW # 600
Washington D.C. 20006

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)
VR can assist with medical costs, psychological and vocational evaluations, education, job placement, and other areas. 

2050 Art Museum Drive

Jacksonville, FL

Phone: (904) 348-2770.

Jacksonville Urban League
Provides services including employment counseling primarily to minority clients.  The Jacksonville Urban League is located at

233 West Duval Street

14th Floor in Jacksonville, FL

Phone: (904) 356-8336

Goodwill Industries of Florida
A vocational training center primarily working with disabled individuals in an employment capacity.

Phone: (904) 384-1361