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Mission Statement

 The Student Union is the University’s community center. It offers our community a variety of facilities, programs, services, and activities. The Union is a student-centered organization that complements the academic experience of UNF students through a variety of cultural, educational, social, and recreational programs, while providing an engaging learning environment. Our mission at the Student Union is to provide convenient, high-quality facilities and efficient services to support university programs. The building is the community center of campus and provides a shared home for the University, welcoming students, faculty, alumni, staff, parents, and guests. The Union is both a facility and a program designed to enrich campus life and advance the University’s educational mission through formal and informal associations. The Union seeks to create and foster a university community that promotes participatory decision-making, leadership skill sets, and citizenship.



Unifying the Osprey Experience



 Happening in the Student Union


Block Party 2014


Saturday, August 30th, Student Union Block Party:

The Student Union invites students, faculty, staff and alums to share in our vibrant and diverse community at the first annual Student Union Block party! Attendees will get engaged with their campus's bustling social center and experience delights for all the senses, including local eats and brews, live musical entertainment, and interactive vendors will be in attendance, including the Happy Grilled Cheese food truck, one of Jacksonville's most original food trucks! The live music entertainment provided to you by the Student Union will feature three incredible local Jacksonville bands. Bread and Butter, Fjord Explorer, and Sidereal have all taken the Jacksonville Beach music scene by storm, so come out and enjoy the show! The evening ends with a BANG: UNF's amazing firework show. No Osprey will want to miss out on the Student Union's biggest and brightest party!

To RSVP, visit our event's Facebook page


The Student Union Administration restricts advertisements of any kind within the Student Union complex. All Advertisements must be coordinated and vetted through the Student Union Administration.


For everyone concerned about the abundance of wasp-like insects flying around campus, we have some information about them to put your mind at ease:

The cicada killer is known also by its scientific name, Sphecius speciousus. This is the large wasp that flies around landscape beds on campus. The wasps encountered most often are the males. They establish territories in their efforts to attract females and each defends his territory against other male wasps. They fly fearlessly around people but they pose no risk because they lack a stinger. Female cicada killers can sting but will do so only to defend themselves. To avoid being stung, do not grab them and watch where you sit.

These insects are beneficial because they capture insects that are harmful to trees to feed their young.



Market Days

Market Days take place in the heart of campus, the Student Union. Here you can buy anything from Henna Tattoos to screen printed t-shirts. Bustling and full of energy, Market Days provide a unique opportunity to reach over 16,000 UNF students on the Osprey Plaza. It is a great way for student organizations of all kinds to come on campus and reach our students. We have great success with student organizations and are excited about the ongoing support from both students and the Jacksonville Community.


  Every Wednesday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.


UNF Student Union Ranked No. 4 in Florida Top 100 Buildings


The University of North Florida’s Student Union has been recognized by the Florida Chapter of The American Institute of Architects (AIA Florida) as the best educational building and voted the top building in the state by architects’ votes. UNF’s Student Union was also voted by the public as the No. 4 building overall in the state and is the only local building in the top five. 


• UNF Student Union Ranked No. 4 in Florida Top 100 Buildings Competition

• Matt About Jax: UNF's Student Union



Building Hours
Location: Building 58
Fall 2014 Schedule
Monday - Friday

7:30 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.


10:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.


10:00 a.m. - 10 p.m.


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