Student Government Business and Accounting Office

SG Business Manager


 Dawn Knipe

 ext. 1617


SG Office Assistant


 Lucy Tison

 ext. 1511


SG Accountant Index Assignments


Tim Barnes ext. 1582  
 402015      Lend-A-Wing Pantry
402028      Student Conference Travel
402030      Recreation
402031 Wellness Complex
402060 Executive Branch
402081 Office of Elections
Erica R. Calorel ext. 1589     
402040      Club Alliance
402041      Club Funding
402062 SG Business and Administration
402097 Special Requests
Katrina Willis ext. 1581
402010      Student Union
402017 Osprey Productions
402025 Homecoming
402061 Legislative Branch
402063 Judicial Branch



Business and Accounting Documents

Constitution and Statutes

 Title VIII: The Student Government Finance Code Microsoft Word

Centralized Index Forms  

 Purchase Request Form for Centralized Indexes PDF

 Centralized Budget Transfer Form Microsoft Word 

Club Forms

 Club Available Balance Request Form   PDF

 Club Purchase Prior Approval Form PDF

 Club Purchase Request for Purchase Order or Reimbursement PDF  

Special and Travel Requests

 Travel Request Form for Registered Student Organizations  PDF

 Travel Request Form for Individual Students PDF    

 Special Request Packet for Registered Student Organizations  PDF

 Special Request Packet for SG Branches, Agencies, and University Departments  PDF

A&S Fee Budgets

 FY 16-17 A&S Fee Budget Approved in B&A 2-3-16 PDF

 FY 15-16 A&S Fee Budget PDF
 FY 14-15 Final A&S Budget  PDF   

 FY 14-15 CBC Final Approved Budget PDF 

 FY 13-14 Final A&S Budget  PDF

 FY 13-14 Provisionary Language PDF



Contact Information

 E-mail Address



(904) 620-1511


(904) 620-5756



Monday-Friday | 8am - 5pm


University of North Florida
1 UNF Drive, Student Union
Building 58 East, Suite 3409
Jacksonville, Florida 32224