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Welcome to Student Government at the University of North Florida. We are comprised of members devoted to serving the student body with pride and excellence. We actively work to meet the needs of students and to enhance the quality of campus life. We do this through hosting a variety of programs and funding student organizations. We also represent the student body on a local and state level. 

Important Announcements   

Application for the Student Government Elections Commissioner 

Student Government has recently revitalized our electoral process. This new position will be responsible for running the new Student Government Office of Elections. If interested, please submit the following application and contact Attorney General Matthew Harris with any questions.

Please submit all applications to the Student Government Rotunda by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 20th. 


Election Commissioner Application

Title VI - The Election Code

 2014-2015 Activity and Service Fee Budget

The annual A&S fee budget has been approved and is available for review. Please click below to download the budget and provisionary language.

 2014-2015 A&S Fee Budget 







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