Student of the Semester

Fall  2011

ELP stands for English Language Program. It is at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL. It was established many years ago to teach English as a second language to international students.  


I have been in America since January 2011, and this school is the first place I chose and have been attending. When I first started, I was very quiet and responded simply by shaking my head “Yes,” or “No” even if I did not understand what they were asking me. Since the teachers and staff were speaking English, I was shy to tell them that I couldn‘t understand. It was so difficult for me to express myself. At that time, I was miserable and thought about going back to my country.  


Those days passed quickly because teachers and staff encouraged me to do my best. I felt like a king sitting on his throne. It is not only English that I learned from the ELP, I also got to know unique people from different countries with interesting cultures. Moreover, I received great awards at the end of the second semester; that’s why I was more eager to study in my third semester. 


At the end of the fall semester, I won “The Student of the Semester” award. I was surprised about the great news. I do not know how to express my gratitude to the teachers who have been doing a lot for me. They treat me as a family member.  


In addition, I have special thanks to give to the director of the ELP, Miss Ruth Harrold, and her faculty for being the most helpful people. Moreover, I am thankful to King Abdullah for giving me the opportunity to learn the variety of life experiences by providing me with the scholarship.  


As a consequence, I highly recommend any student who seeks to be a professional English learner in the United States to come to ELP where they will help you learn English better than any other school. Do not lose your hope, always work hard, and rely on our beloved teachers. 


Mohammed Almuhamid 

Saudi Arabia 


 Student of the semester  

Congratulations, Mohammed! 


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