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 About the Day Program

The Intensive English Language Program is for international students who want to learn American English. 

Study where you will be surrounded by English language and American culture. Meet fellow students from around the world and learn from teachers who are dedicated to your success! 

This program offers:

  • Year-round schedule
  • Six levels of English: Beginning, High-Beginning, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, Advanced, and Pre-University
  • 22 hours of intensive instruction per week
  • Small class size
  • Students from all over the world


  • Academic Program: The English Language Program is an intensive program designed to teach various skills of the English Language, such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The program has 6 levels of instruction: Beginning, High-Beginning, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, Low-Advanced, Advanced, and Pre-University, with a concurrent enrollment option. All the students are in class 22 hours a week except the ones who are enrolled concurrently; those students have a course load of 12 hours as an ELP student and one 3-credit course as UNF student. The academic program is rigorous to prepare the students for the university. You will have dedicated and highly qualified instructors to help you learn English effectively.
  • Description of Classes: The curriculum at the English Language Program combines the formal acquisition of academic skills with the communicative approach to English language learning. Classes are combined by skills:reading and writing and listening and speaking. Grammar is a separate subject. Students also receive additional practice during Writing and Pronunciation workshops.
  • Levels of Instruction: There are 6 levels of instruction in the ELP. Students with basic knowledge of English will start at Beginning level. After that, the levels go as follows: High-Beginning (Level 1), Intermediate (Level 2), High-Intermediate (Level 3), Advanced (Level 4), Pre-University (Level 5), Pre-University/Concurrent (Level 5C). In the lower levels, Beginning-Level 3, the students will work on mastering the foundation of the English language learning. Upper levels, Level 4 and 5, are dedicated to advancing for the students' skills needed for success in an American university. Students who score 470 on PB TOEFL (the test is given at the ELP every semester) before level 5 can take on 3-credit UNF class and study in the ELP part-time.
  • Concurrent Enrollment: When students reach Level 5 in the English Language Program, they may have the opportunity to be concurrently enrolled in a course related to thei major or English composition at the University of North Florida. This is not a guaranteed component of Level 5, nor does it guarantee admission to the university of North Florida. It is a privilege for students who meet the requirements and successfully complete the course in addition to their regular classes at the English Language Program.

Cultural Immersion

ELP provides students with additional after-class activities:


  • Hang out Activities: During these activities, the students will play games and converse in English. These activities are a good way to improve your speaking fluency in a relaxing way.
  • Language Partners Speaking Club: Every Thursday after class UNF students come and join ELP students. This activity is a great way to practice English with native speakers, learn about American culture, and make new friends.
  • Field trips, volunteer activities and other fun activities: Each semester ELP offers 2 field trips to local Florida attractions such as Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure,Wet and Wild, Alligator Farm, and others. In addition, the ELP offers volunteer activities which are a great way to learn more about American culture and life-style while practicing English. Moreover, you will receive a volunteer certificate at the end of the semester and use these experiences to enhance your resume. Check your semester calendar to see what is offered.

Computer Laboratories

  • Open computer laboratory time

Preparation for the University

  • Institutional TOEFL once a semester for Levels 3 and 4
  • Workshops offered for admission applications to Florida State College Jacksonville and UNF

Students Studying


Students from more than 35 countries study English at the UNF English Language Program.