Satellite Television

Television sets are located in the Osprey Hall, Landing, Crossings, Cove and Fountains common lounges. Osprey Fountains also has several themed lounges which have television sets, including: The Upper Deck and The Galaxy.

Residents may bring their own TVs for use in their rooms. Digital cable service is provided in every room and apartment, but requires a digital cable-ready TV with a QAM tuner (and/or an analog TV with a digital-to-analog converter box) as well as a coax cable. 



Please be reminded that only digital TVs will work with UNF’s television  service.  Most television set-up and/or channel search functions are accessible via the television’s main menu function. Using your TV’s remote control, you will need to perform "channel auto discovery" to pick the channels. The available channel numbers are 102 through 214. Channel #102 is the channel guide. The range of channels for high definition is 174 to 214. 



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