Register with the DRC

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) at UNF offers a wide variety of legally mandated services to students with documented disabilities. After reviewing your documentation and conducting an Interview, a member of the DRC Team will assist in determining appropriate academic services and accommodations based on your unique needs in an academic setting.


At the University level, students have the right not to be identified as disabled. For this reason, if a student with a disability would like to request academic accommodations, he/she takes the responsibility of contacting the DRC. In order for the DRC to assist the student with academic accommodations, the student must provide written documentation of the disability from a diagnosing and licensed professional.

Steps to Register


The Disability Resource Center now uses a new software system called Clockwork. Through the Clockwork web portal you may go online to make appointments with our office, generate accommodation letters and schedule exam appointments. For students not yet registered with the DRC you may being this process through the Clockwork portal as well.


In order to process requests in a timely manner and to assist you as you make your transition to our campus, we request that you:


Step 1:  Send in your current disability documentation by logging into your myWings student user account with your N number and password and navigate to Student Tab>My Records>and select the “Clockwork” link and then select the “Online Intake” Link from the Clockwork student portal. By choosing the Online Intake link in the Clockwork student user portal you will be able to fill out the Online Intake form and upload your documentation for review. Please refer to the “Documentation Guidelines” page of this website to download any necessary forms to provide to appropriate medical professionals for the documentation of your specific disability. 


If you are providing documentation to us prior to receiving your myWings user account please drop it off at the DRC in person, Building 57 room 1500 or you may fax it to us at (904)620-3874. Alternatively, documentation can be mailed to the DRC.


Our address is;


University of North Florida

1 UNF Drive, Building 57, Room 1500

Jacksonville, Florida 32224-7699


Upon receipt of your documentation a member of the DRC Team will review the materials. You may also submit your Individual Educational Plan (IEPs) and Summary of Performance (SOPs), but these documents do not substitute for the documentation requirement, you will still need to provide documentation from an accredited medical professional. You will be contacted if additional information is needed to determine eligibility for services.


Step 2:  Expect an email in your myWings Outlook user account from the DRC Educational Coordinator to schedule an appointment after all necessary documents are received and reviewed.


Step 3:  You will need to attend a face to face registration appointment with the DRC Educational Coordinator or a DRC staff member to determine appropriate accommodations based on the submitted documentation and to discuss your specific needs. Your accommodation letter will be created and you will be able to print off accommodation letters by going to myWings>Student Tab>My Records>Clockwork link and then selecting the Self Registration” link in the Clockwork student user portal.


Step 4:  Give your accommodation letter with your recommended accommodations to your professors. The DRC recommends you provide your accommodation letter to your professor as soon as possible in order to use your accommodations immediately. Professors who do not receive an accommodation letter will not be obligated to provide you with appropriate accommodations.


Step 5:  The Disability Resource Center recommends you schedule a meeting with each of your professors to discuss recommended accommodations in each class.


IMPORTANT:  Accommodation Letters are only good for the semester and year the student is attending. Professors will receive notification of course accommodations when the student makes their request through Clockwork at the begining of each semester.  You will need to print a new accommodation letter for each course you are enrolled during each semester.


The DRC Office is located in Building 57, Room 1500.


We look forward to meeting with you soon! Go Ospreys!



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