UNF Logistics & Supply Chain Certification

The University of North Florida Logistics and Supply Chain Certificate is a comprehensive program designed for today’s logistics and supply chain professionals. Our instructor led program is taught by highly regarded industry leaders with more than 60 combined years of hands on experience. These instructors previously taught the Certification of Transportation and Logistics (CTL) program for UNF.


This new classroom experience offers tremendous opportunities for both the individual and those that are attending from a company. Students will learn to identify best practices in costing and pricing, how to reduce costs, apply strategies that will increase productivity, network with other industry professionals, make lifelong connections that may be utilized down your career path and much, much more.


Jacksonville is primed to become the gateway to the east coast’s product distribution. We have a major deep water port (JAXPORT), infrastructure access with 3 railroads, a tremendous US highway system (95,10 and 75) giving us access to the north, south and west, and an international airport. The question is, “Do we have the educated workforce to capture all of this opportunity”? With this certificate program, companies and individuals can assure themselves of being prepared to compete in the international marketplace.


Upon the successful completion of the program, participants will earn their UNF Logistics and Supply Chain Certificate.

Who Should Attend

There are many positions in the transportation and logistics industry that would benefit from attending. Program graduates in the field titles include: President, Vice President of Purchasing, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Supervisor, Warehouse Clerk, Transportation Director, Commercial Finance Manager, and Distribution Coordinator just to name a few.

Certification Eligibility Requirements

Those seeking certification should have at minimum a four-year degree and/or three years of full time experience in the field of transportation and logistics. Qualified individuals with appropriate experience in a related field, unemployed or underemployed are also eligible. Successful completion of all four modules satisfies the academic requirement.

Modules Include

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation Management
  • International Transportation and Logistics
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Strategy


The tuition is $3,200 and includes all course materials. 

Learn More!

For more information, contact John Yancey at jyancey@unf.edu or (904) 620-5176.


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