Master of Business Administration Graduate Program Student Handbook 2. Degree Requirements

2.1 Graduate Programs in Business Administration

       -General Business MBA (with or without a concentration) 


          -Global MBA  


          -Global Entreupreneurship MBA          


2.2 Master of Business Administration Program Description & Degree Requirements

The Coggin College of Business has always emphasized academic excellence through its curricula and faculty. The MBA program focuses on developing a general management perspective and offers intensive graduate-level study in accounting, economics, decision sciences, finance, management, and marketing. Throughout the program, emphasis is given to policy formulation and the interrelationships of business disciplines. Applications in ethics, total quality management, international business, information technology, and value-based management are included in anticipation of 21st century business education.


The program consists of 36 graduate semester hours.  There is a common core of 6 courses required of all students, comprising 18 semester hours of study.  The students must also complete an Exit Requirement of either a thesis or Comprehensive Exams with two additional electives determined in consultation with the MBA Director.

Degree Requirements

Grades of “B” or better are required in all graduate courses.


 - 36 credits hours of graduate level coursework (if student possesses an undergraduate degree in business)


- Exit Exam


Degree Evaluation

Major: General Business

Degree: Master of Business Administration

Foundation Courses (12 hrs)
  • BUL3130 Legal Environment of Business 3 hrs
  • ECO5115 Intro Economic Analysis 3 hrs
  • FIN5405 Essentials Managerial Finance 3 hrs
  • MAN5036 Fundamentals of Mgmt & Mrkting 3 hrs
Core Courses (27 hrs)

Group 1

  • MAN3204 Organizational Theory 3 hrs
  • ECO6415 Decisions with Data 3 hrs
  • ECP6705 Economics of Business Decisions 3 hrs
  • ACG6305 Management Accounting 3 hrs

Group 2

  • MAR6805 Marketing Strategy 3 hrs
  • FIN6406 Adv. Financial Management 3 hrs
  • ISM6021 Mgmt. Information Technology 3 hrs

Group 3

  • MAN6501 Modeling & Management of Operations 3 hrs
  • MAN6726 Advanced Strategic Management (w/ exit exam) 3 hrs
Electives (9 hrs)

Select three courses at the 6000 level with the listed prefixes:

Concentration Options

Students in the MBA program may choose the general business track or one of the following concentrations:

  • Accounting
  • Construction Management
  • E-Business
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Logistics
  • Management Applications
  • Sports Management  

 Note: Sports management students must complete the following in addition to the curriculum above

Concentration Classes for Sports Management (9 hrs)

Students must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes.  SPM6008 Foundations of Sports Management (3 hrs) to be taken if one does not have an undergraduate degree or minor in Sports Management


Select three of the following courses:

  • SPM5206 Ethics and Issues in Sports
  • SPM5506 Sport Finance
  • SPM6106 Facilities and Risk Management
  • SPM5308 Marketing and Promotions

2.3 Global MBA Program Description & Degree Requirements

The GlobalMBA is a unique cohort program providing graduate students the opportunity to combine intensive classroom study with residential experiences in four countries: Germany, Poland, China and the United States. The GlobalMBA is offered by a consortium of four outstanding universities:

  • Cologne University of Applied Sciences (in Cologne, Germany)
  • University of Warsaw (in Warsaw, Poland)
  • Dongbei University of Finance & Economics (in Dalian, China)
  • University of North Florida (in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.)

Each university selects a small group of students who function as a cohort throughout the GlobalMBA. The cohort, of approximately forty students, studies together, spending one term at each institution. The curriculum includes courses in the international aspects of each business discipline, in addition to courses on intercultural communication and international business environments in each country. All instruction is in English.


Students travel to these four universities and, upon graduation, receive two degrees: an MBA from UNF and a Master of International Management and Intercultural Communication jointly conferred by University of Warsaw and Cologne University of Applied Sciences. More information regarding this program  


For more information regarding the GlobalMBA program please contact Dr. Steven Paulson or Kate Mattingly Learch.


Steven Paulson, Ph.D.

UNF GlobalMBA Director 

UNF IB Flagship Director

UNF Coggin College of Business

(904) 620-1338


Kate Mattingly Learch, MBA
UNF GlobalMBA Associate Director 

UNF IB Flagship Associate Director

UNF Coggin College of Business

(904) 620-2521


Admission Policies, Procedures and Application

Each GlobalMBA university selects 10 students per year to participate in the GlobalMBA program. Each institution conducts its own selection process.

Students applying for the UNF cohort of the GlobalMBA program should be admitted in the regular MBA at the Coggin College of Business (see previous section guidelines). In addition to the application to the MBA program, prospective GlobalMBA students should submit the following:

  • Submit directly to UNF's: GlobalMBA Program 
  • Copy of GlobalMBA application
  • Photocopy of transcripts reporting college-level work
  • Photocopy of GMAT or GRE score
  • Photocopy of passport that is valid through the entire GlobalMBA program
  • Professional resume

Qualified candidates will be selected after a personal interview with UNF faculty, either by phone or in person.


Review of applications will begin January 1 of each year. Applications will be accepted until the cohort is full. Historically, the cohort is selected by March 1.

Degree Requirements

- 63 credits hours of graduate level coursework

- Exit Exam


- Thesis


Degree Evaluation

Major: General Business

Degree: Master of Business Administration

Concentration: Global MBA

  • GlobalMBA students follow a set curriculum
  • All students must be fully admitted into the GlobalMBA
  • Students must earn a "C" or higher in all courses
  • Students must meet the thesis requirement in order to complete this program
  • Students earn a M.B.A. & a M.A. in International Management and Intercultural Communication
Semester in Germany (21 hrs)

Cologne University of Applied Sciences

October – January

  • ACG6305X International Mgmt Accounting
  • ECO6101X Business Strategy/Game Theory
  • ECO6415X Decisions with Data
  • ECP6705X Global Economic/Thesis Seminar
  • MAN6101X Intercultural Communication
  • MAN6102X Applied Intercultural Communic
  • MAN6111X Business Environment
Semester in Poland (18 hrs)

University of Warsaw

February – June

  • FIN6406X Advanced Financial Management
  • ISM6021X Mgmt Information Systems
  • MAN6202X Applied Intercultural Communic
  • MAN6204X Organizational Theory
  • MAN6211X Business Environment
  • MAN6601X International Management
Semester in China (9 hrs)

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

June – August

  • FIN6605X International Finance
  • MAN6302X Applied Intercultural Communic
  • MAN6311X Business Environment
Semester at UNF (15 hrs)

University of North Florida

August – December

  • MAN6501 3 Modeling/Management Operations
  • MAN6656 3 Bus Environment US
  • MAN6666 3 App Intcltrl Comm US
  • MAN6726 3 Advanced Strategic Management
  • MAR6158 3 International Marketing

Thesis Requirement

Students enrolled in this program are required to write a group thesis and to defend orally the thesis during their last semester at UNF. Obtaining a passing grade on the thesis work is required to obtain both degrees.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition: Consistent with the terms of the exchange agreements, each GlobalMBA student pays tuition and fees only at his or her home institution. Except for a GlobalMBA program fee, and except for a student fee covering public transportation for the term at CUAS, no institution will charge fees to non-native students.


    Note: For the purposes of this document, the term native student refers to a student for whom a given institution is the home institution, rather than to the student's     nationality (e.g., a student selected by UNF for the GlobalMBA program is a native student at UNF, but a non-native student for all other consortium schools).


Program Fee: The GlobalMBA fees charged are designed to cover program costs, including director travel, co-curricular activities, program promotion, application and transcript fees, etc. Each institution agrees not to charge program fees that, in the aggregate, exceed its cost of operating the GlobalMBA. Therefore, the total GlobalMBA fees charged by all consortium institutions may be allocated in different amounts to different institutions, depending on their individual costs.  The GlobalMBA fee is approximately $1,250 (for cohort 9, starting in fall 2009). UNF will issue an invoice to all GlobalMBA students, regardless of the student's native institution, in early September. All payments will be made in US dollars to UNF by the first day of the program in Germany. Students who have not paid the GlobalMBA program fee by the first day of class in Germany will not be permitted to continue in the GlobalMBA program. The GlobalMBA program fee is non-refundable. Students who choose to leave the program, either by choice or by not meeting minimum academic expectations, will not receive a refund of the GlobalMBA fee.


Other Program Costs: Students are responsible for all costs associated with the program (e.g., home-school tuition and fees, program fee, transportation, lodging, living expenses, insurance, books and supplies).

2.4 Global Entreupreneurship Program Description & Degree Requirements

The Global EntrepreneurshipMBA is a full-time graduate program that provides students the opportunity to combine intensive classroom study with residential experiences France, England, and the United States. The Global EntrepreneurshipMBA is offered by a consortium of three outstanding universities:

  • The European Business School- London (EBSL)
  • The European Business School- Paris (EBS)
  • The University of North Florida

A limited number of students are able to participate in this non-cohort program each year, with a maximum of six from the University of North Florida, a maximum of three from the European Business School- Paris, and a maximum of three from the European Business School- London. Students complete 48 graduate credit hours – 12 at European Business School in Paris, 24 at the University of North Florida, and 12 at European Business School in London including a thesis.

All instruction is in English. Upon successful completion of the program, students earn two master’s degrees – Master of Business Administration from UNF and a Grade Master delivered by the French Ministry for degree completion at European Business School-Paris (Master Degree in “Management of International Affairs”).


 Note: As a prerequisite to the program, applicants must have successfully complete an introductory course in each of the following areas:

  • Business Law
  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Management
  • Marketing

Students admissible to UNF's regular MBA may take designated graduate courses to meet these prerequisites. Courses include:

  • ECO 5115 (includes both Micro and Macroeconomics)
  • FIN 5404 (includes both Financial Accounting and Finance)
  • MAN 5036 (includes both Marketing and Management)



Applications are accepted for fall term matriculation only.
Fall Term . . . . . . . . Application review date January 1, until filled.

Admissions interviews will be conducted during the spring semester. Candidates must have submitted a complete application before an interview can be scheduled.   Admits during fall term only.

Additional program requirements:

  1. A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or its equivalent from a foreign institution
  2. Official transcripts from all attended institutions
  3. Professional resume
  4. Official GMAT test scores - minimum score of 500 (verbal and quantitative score combined), or  
    • GRE test scores
      • Prior to July 1, 2011:   minimum score of 1000 combined verbal and quantitative
      • After July 1, 2011:  minimum score of 150 verbal AND 150 quantitative

A personal interview will be required for the top competitive candidates. Applicants should contact Dr. Anne Sheridan Fugard to schedule their interview.

Students should be aware that admission into any graduate program is granted on a competitive basis. Students meeting minimum requirements may be denied admission based on such factors as program capacity or academic discretion. Likewise, students may be considered for admission as an exception if stated admissions criteria are not met.

Program Contact

Dr. Jeff Michelman
UNF GlobalMBA Associate Director | Professor of Accounting

UNF Coggin College of Business

(904) 620-1541

(904) 620-2594 Fax


Dr. Anne Sheridan Fugard
UNF GlobalMBA Assistant Director | Study Abroad Director

UNF Coggin College of Business

(904) 620-1290

(904) 620-2594 Fax

Degree Evaluation 

Major: General Business

Degree: Master of Business Administration

Concentration: Global Entreupreneurship  

  • All students must be fully admitted into the Global Entrepreneurship MBA
  • Students must earn a "C" or higher in all courses
  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher to graduate
  • Students earn a UNF MBA and an MBA in Entrepreneurship
Semester in London (12 hrs)

European Business School London - London, UK

  • ACG6305X Financial Managerial Acct
  • GEB6401X Entrep & Business Creation
  • GEB6402X Managing Growing Business
  • GEB6403X Finance the Entrep Business
Spring Semester at UNF (12 hrs)

University of North Florida - Jacksonville, FL

    • ECO6415 3 Making Decisions with Data
    • ECP6705 3 Economics of Business Decision
    • MAN6204 3 Organizational Theory
    • MAR6805 3 Marketing Strategy
      Summer Semester at UNF (12 hrs)

      University of North Florida - Jacksonville, FL

        • FIN6406 3 Advanced Financial Management
        • ISM6021 3 Mgmt Information Technology
        • MAN6501 3 Modeling/Management Operations
        • MAN6726 3 Advanced Strategic Management
          Semester in Paris (12 hrs)

          European Business School - Paris, France

          • GEB6404X Intl Marketing Strategy
          • GEB6405X Intl Bus Entrepreneurship Proj
          • GEB6406X Geopolitical Strategy
          • GEB6407X Intl Bus & Entrep Strategy

          2.5 Exit Exam

          The Exit Examination is a comprehensive exam that is offered every semester. Both the specific exam dates and the student deadline to sign up for the Exit Exam will be conveyed by the professor via Canvas to all students in MAN6726.  This exam is mandatory and is required of all MBA students for graduation.

          • What is the Exit Exam? They are detailed exams that test the mastery of graduate students over key core areas in the disciplines of Management, Statistics, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Operations Management, and Information Systems. 
          • How do students prepare for Exit Exam?   Students prepare for it by working through their MBA courses – It is like an Achievement Test – you don’t prepare for it directly – no studying.
          • What is the format of the Exit Exam?   The Exit Exam consists of multiple choice test questions – it is 3 hours long. 
          • How does the Exit Exam effect graduation or student’s grades?   It counts as 10 percent of their grade.
          • How do students register to take the Exit Exam?  Exit exam registrations are now being done through Canvas.  If a student is in the policy class they will see the exit exam registration in Canvas under My Courses when it becomes available after registration for MAN6726. It is typically available by the second week of the term.

          It is very important to register early since there are a fixed number of seats for the exams. If you wait to register until the last sessions then all of the available seats might be taken and you will not be able to take the exam!

          Steps for registering for Exit Exam:

          1. After logging into Canvas the student will see “CCB Exit Exam (Undergraduate)” or “CCB Exit Exam (Graduate) listed under My Courses.
          2. Choose the appropriate Exam needed for MBA students.
          3. Once in the course, a link for the reservation page will be located in the upper left side (“MBA Exit Exam”). This will take the student to the registration page with the dates for the exams.
          4. Select the day desired to take the exam by selecting “Register” and then “Register for event.”
          5. An email will be sent to the student email account once registration is complete. If for some reason an email is not received then have the professor verify.
          6. Registration will only be allowed until the Wednesday before the exam. After that the exam will be locked and the student will not be able to remove or change to another session.

          The student can only be registered for one exam at a time. If wanting to change sessions the student will need to withdraw from the currently enrolled session and then register for a new one.


          If the exam is missed, the student can take it at a later session but only if there are any left with available seating. If scheduled for the last session and do not attend then the student will not be able to take the exam. If the student misses an earlier session and there are no seats left in the remaining exams then they will not be able to take the exam.

          2.6 Course Listings/Descriptions

          Core courses in the MBA program are offered every semester (Fall, Spring & Summer).  Elective credits are usually offered once a year and are rarely ever offered in the summer.  Courses are offered primarily in the late afternoon and evenings (4:30pm, 6:00pm & 7:30pm), and a very few are offered on Saturdays. 


          Students typically flex their course selection around their work schedule.  There are a few cases where a prerequisite course must be completed prior to registering for a particular course.  Students should plan to take elective courses in the Fall and Spring semesters.


          Click here for the current graduate catalog's course listings and descriptions