Nursing Program Graduate Student Handbook


Welcome to the Brooks College of Health and the School of Nursing!  We hope that the pursuit of a graduate nursing degree from the University of North Florida will be an exciting and challenging venture for you.


We are confident that you will find the fine faculty and staff of the School supportive of your commitment to educational achievement.  We are enthusiastic about out facilitative role in the learning process and welcome you as nursing students and as adult learners.


The School of Nursing Graduate Student Handbook is meant to serve as a supplement to the UNF Catalog and the UNF Graduate Student Handbook.  It is a guide and a source of information for you while you are enrolled in the UNF nursing program.  Please read it carefully from that perspective, and keep it in an accessible place so that you can refer to it for information on the School of Nursing policies and services when you need them.  If you have any concerns in regard to the policies of the School and/or content of this handbook, I would encourage you to discuss this with the students who represent your class on the School of Nursing committees and with the faculty.  A mechanism does exist for hearing students’ issues and concerns and changing policies as appropriate.




Lillia M. Loriz, PhD, ARNP, BC

Director, School of Nursing


Faculty Contact Information





Michele Bednarzyk     

Nurse Practitioner Program Director


Jerry Hogan Doctor of Nurse Practitioner Program Director 2517
John McDonough

Associate Director of Graduate Nursing



Judy Kraft      Director of Nursing 2684
Judy Kraft      Office Manager 1475


For a complete listing of departmental faculty and advisors, click here.

Handbook Disclaimer 

Students are responsible for knowing the University of North Florida, Brooks College of Health, and School of Nursing policies as outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog and this Handbook (which is a required text in every nursing course). In particular, students are directed to the Undergraduate Catalog for information on the Drug Free Workplace Act, on Sexual Harassment, and on Religious Holidays.


In addition to this guide, you are advised to read the Graduate School Student Handbook as it provides general information applicable to ALL graduate students regardless of their programs of study.  While this handbook contains valuable information specifically related to graduate studies in Nursing at UNF, the Graduate School Student Handbook addresses policies, procedures and resources related to graduate studies in general at UNF.  It is your responsibility to review the information both in this handbook and in the Graduate School Student Handbook as you will be held responsible for abiding by its content.

  • 1. Getting Started
    • 1.1 History of the School of Nursing
    • 1.2 Mission and Philosophy
    • 1.3 Academic Advising
    • 1.4 Graduate Student Responsibilities
    • 1.5 Graduate Faculty in the Nursing Program
    • 1.6 References
  • 2. Degree Requirements
    • 2.1 Graduate Programs in Nursing
    • 2.2 MSN Program Objectives
    • 2.3 Master of Science in Nursing, Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program Description
    • 2.4 Master of Science in Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist Program Description
    • 2.5 Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
    • 2.6 Master of Science in Nursing, RN-MSN Bridge
    • 2.7 NP Certificate Completion Requirements
    • 2.8 Requirements for a Graduate Degree in Nursing
    • 2.9 Thesis and Project Requirements
    • 2.10 Course Listings/Descriptions
  • 3. Policies & Procedures
    • 3.1 Academic Integrity
    • 3.2 Accommodations Due to Disability
    • 3.3 Appeal Procedure
    • 3.4 Attendance
    • 3.5 Course and Faculty Evaluations
    • 3.6 Credit Transfer Policy
    • 3.7 Evaluation and Grade Determination
    • 3.8 Fit for Duty
    • 3.9 Health Policy
    • 3.10 Incomplete Grades
    • 3.11 Licensure & Certification
    • 3.12 Pass/Fail Course Grading
    • 3.13 Posting Grades
    • 3.14 Professional Dress and Behavior
    • 3.15 Progression
    • 3.16 Software Use
    • 3.17 Student Safety
    • 3.18 Writing Guidelines
  • 4. Resources
    • 4.1 Career Services
    • 4.2 Computer Laboratory
    • 4.3 Health Assessment Laboratory
    • 4.4 Professional Organizations
    • 4.5 Student Services and Support
    • 4.6 Forms