Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program Student Handbook 2. Admissions

2.1 GPA

A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or its equivalent from a foreign institution with a preferable grade point average of 3.00 (B) or higher in all work attempted as an upper-division student, normally the 60 hours taken during the last two years of baccalaureate study.

2.2 Official Transcripts

Official transcripts of previous undergraduate and graduate work must be included with the application package.


2.3 GRE

Official, competitive GRE scores on the verbal and quantitative reasoning scales, taken within the last 5 years are required.  If you have completed a master’s or higher degree from an accredited institution, the GRE may not be required.

2.4 Letter of Intent

Your responses should be typewritten, double spaced, 12-point font, and should not exceed 5 pages: (1)What motivates you to pursue your degree in mental health counseling? (2) Describe your work and/or volunteer experiences in a helping role (3) What are your short-term and long-term educational, research, and professional goals?

2.5 Letters of Professional Recommendation

Three letters of professional recommendation are required from those familiar with the applicant’s academic potential and readiness for counselor training, preferably with at least one from a university faculty member.

2.6 Acceptance Notification

Meeting the basic requirements for the CMHC Program does not guarantee acceptance into the Program.  If application package is accepted, the applicant will be invited to participate in an on-campus interview with members of the CMHC faculty.  If you live out of state, or too far away to attend the interview, it can be done telephonically. Qualified applicants will be notified of admittance within 30 days of the interview.  If denied admission, you are encouraged to examine your application, improve any deficiencies you can, and reapply the following year. 

NOTE : Currently 26 students are admitted for the fall term each year as a full time cohort. Click here for additional information about admission to this program.


2.7 Course Transfers

Admitted students transferringfrom another CACREP master’s counselingprogram, may be able to transfer a total of 9 semester hours of coursework.  This is a Universitypolicy. Students areadvised to discuss anytransfer courses with theProgram Director, who will determine if and which courses maybeapplicable.

2.8 Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduatecourses arenotaccepted in thegraduateprogram in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

2.9 Non-admitted Students Seeking Course Enrollment

Individuals who have completed masters’degrees in counseling from other graduate institutions sometimes request to register focourses in the CMHC Program in ordeto achieve eligibilitfor mental health licensurin Florida.  Those individuals seeking licensure courses may be required to submit the following: (a)a copof the official letter from the Florida licensing boarnoting their eligibilitstatus and specifyincourses needed to take the exam, (b) proof of completion of a current certified background check, and (c)submission of transcript of graduate study. Registration in CMHC courses requires approval of the CMHC program director.


For those individuals seeking to take non-CACREP required courses for continuing education may be required to provide documentation of licensure. Registration in CMHC courses requires approval of the CMHC program director.


2.10 Second Master's Degree

An individual who has a master’s degree and seeks to obtain a second master’s in the Clinical Mental Health Program must appland be admitted to the program.  As noted above, a total of 9 semester hours may be transferred.  A second GRE is not typically necessary, but CMHC faculty reserve the option to require that it be taken again based on scores or the length of time that has transpired between the present time and when the GRE was taken.  Once admitted to the program, students pursuing CMHC second master’s degree will be required to complete minimuof 51 semester hoursUp to nine credits maybe awarded for previously completed approved courses, which are equivalent to current courses offered in the Program. The Practicum and Internship courses cannot be waived. 

2.11 Statement of Understanding

Upon admission, all students will sign a Statement of Understanding whicpertains to the ongoing responsibilitof the facultto determine the appropriateness of the student for the program and the profession as noted above with the Student Progress Assessment, and through a review of their academic progress in the Program. This signed statement will be placed in each studentfile.