Graduate School Student Handbook Chapter 4: Student Life

4.1 Graduate Student Organization

The purpose of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is to facilitate and enhance the graduate student experience, to advance the reputation and assist in the expansion of graduate programs, and to promote quality teaching and research at the University of North Florida.


Any current graduate student in good academic standing is eligible to be active in the GSO.


The GSO meets regularly. The meeting announcements will be made via the Online GSO course on Canvas. All current graduate students are members of this Canvas site. For more information, please refer to the GSO website.

4.2 Graduate Lecture Series (GLS)

The Graduate Lecture Series incorporates workshops throughout the year sponsored by the Graduate School to provide professional and academic development opportunities for graduate students. The series is open to all graduate students, prospective graduate students, and any interested UNF administrative personnel. The sessions, offered throughout the academic year, provide resources on a variety of topics related to graduate student life and work.

4.3 Student Government

Graduate students are eligible to participate in student government activities including voting and running for office. Though all students pay fees to support student government and student life, unfortunately UNF’s student government meeting times coincide with common graduate class times. If you are interested in learning more about getting involved or evoking change, please refer to the GSO website.