Graduate School Student Handbook Chapter 3: Financial Support

3.1 Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market (UNF-ACM) is a cooperative tuition-reduction agreement among 16 states that participate in the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB): Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.


Under this program, qualified students from states outside Florida may apply through their own state's ACM coordinator for reduced tuition rates at UNF while pursuing programs that are not available in their home state’s university system. In essence, qualified students are considered “in-state” residents during the time they are pursuing their specified degree program, therefore making them eligible for reduced tuition rates and other opportunities afforded residents who attend the institution.


For more information about the application process, including an ACM contact in each of the participating states, please refer to the SREB-ACM website.

3.2 Assistantships

Each of UNF's five colleges offers a limited number of graduate assistantships, graduate teaching assistantships and graduate research assistantships, commonly referred to as “GAs”. These competitive opportunities are a fantastic way to begin building an academic career while oftentimes putting a few extra dollars in your pocket.  Different programs have different stipend models. Graduate students who wish to apply for assistantships should contact the program director of the program in which they plan to enroll or are already enrolled.


GAs may be eligible for in-state tuition waivers and those classified as out-of-state residents for tuition purposes may be eligible for out-of-state tuition reductions. Please contact your Graduate Program Director or your hiring agent for further details.


For more information, please refer to the Graduate Assistantships website.

3.3 Federal Loans

Loans are a form of financial aid that must be repaid. The University of North Florida participates in the Federal Direct Loan Program. Loans originated through UNF will be disbursed directly by the federal government to the University. The Direct Loan Program offers an easier and more efficient process for our borrowers and, in some cases, it may cost less.


For additional information, please refer to the One Stop Loans website.

3.4 Fellowships

Fellowships are a form of financial aid that does not have to be repaid and are often reserved for graduate students. Fellowships can be based on merit, need, or other criteria determined by the granting party. The following list is not a comprehensive offering of aid and is subject to change. Check with your graduate program director for additional information relating to fellowships in your area of study.


Ed Austin Fellowship

Established in 1996 by friends to honor former state attorney and Jacksonville mayor, Ed Austin, this fellowship is awarded to graduate students pursuing degrees in government studies, such as a master’s in public administration.


For more information, please refer to the Ed Austin Fellowship website.


Delores A. Auzenne Fellowship  

These $5,000 statewide annual awards were designed to increase the gender and ethnic diversity within the graduate programs. The application typically opens for admitted and enrolled students in the spring term. If awarded the fellowship begins the following fall term. 


For more information, please refer to the Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships website.


Madison-Mullis-Deming Fellowship

The purpose of the gift is to provide fellowship funding for University of North Florida MPA students, with preference given to students pursuing the local government urban policy and administration track which includes planning courses.


For more information, please refer to the Madison-Mullis-Deming Fellowship website.

3.5 Graduate Financial Aid Grants

Newly admitted students who exhibit very fine academic merit and show the highest financial need may automatically receive a Graduate Financial Aid Grant. In order to be eligible, newly admitted graduate applicants must have submitted a FAFSA to UNF. Preference will be given to those with the highest recalculated undergraduate GPAs who also show the most need as defined and supported within the Federal Loan Application (FAFSA). Further details and stipulations are as follows:

  • Other than the FAFSA, no scholarship application is required.
  • Selections will be made once per year, typically in the summer when all programs have made their initial fall admissions decisions. Only those newly admitted to spring, summer, and fall terms within the calendar year will be considered.
  • This award remains contingent upon available funding.
  • Neither the award nor the amount are guaranteed until the funds show in the student's UNF account.
  • It may be possible for the student to receive this grant for a subsequent year on a funds available basis. To be eligible for renewal, the student must have maintained a cumulative 3.5 UNF graduate GPA in his/her first year and continue to exhibit financial need for the coming year. If these two stipulations are met AND funding is available, then the student will automatically be re-awarded for another year. Masters candidates can be awarded for a maximum of two calendar years; doctoral candidates have a maximum allowance of three years. There will be no exception to this rule for any reason, nor any appeals process to extend the life of the grant.
  • The student must remain enrolled full time and in good academic standing within his or her admitted degree program at UNF for continued eligibility.
  • The student must complete and submit a current year FAFSA to the University of North Florida. Preference might be given to FAFSAs submitted before the March 1st financial aid priority deadline.
  • This award is only available for the fall and spring semesters. Should summer funds become available, they will be disbursed equitably among recent year recipients enrolled full time for the summer term.