Graduate Scholars Program

A Funding Program in Support of UNF Graduate Students’ Scholarly Projects.   


At this time, there is no funding available for this program.   

Program Description and Eligibility

The Graduate School will offer a limited number of grants in the fall to graduate students pursuing individual scholarly projects. Projects may be funded up to a maximum of $500. Due to resource limitations, the awarding of these grants is competitive. Some applications recommended for funding may only receive partial support. Any equipment or unused supplies purchased with grant funds will remain the property of the University of North Florida after the conclusion of the funded project.

The Graduate School will make awards on the criteria that the funds advance the student's scholarly work. Funding will not be approved for resources that are normally available to students through existing University resources such as the library or Information Technology Services. Funding will not be approved for salary or stipend of the applicant. Funding will not be approved for typing, copying, or binding of theses or dissertations. Funding will not be approved for memberships or data entry. Examples of eligible funding opportunities include funds to travel to a conference to present findings of your research project, travel to a research site to collect data that is required for your project, and funding to purchase equipment and/or supplies that are necessary for the completion of your experiment. Please note that simply attending a conference or performing research assistant duties for a faculty member’s research do not qualify for funding.

In order to be eligible to apply for the award, students must also be actively registered for at least one (1) credit hour of coursework during the semester in which they are applying for the award.  Audited coursework will not count towards this requirement.


Each graduate student who wishes to apply for one of these grants should write a ONE PAGE application that includes all of the following information:

  • Student name, student number (“N” number), graduate program, and complete contact information including e-mail and mailing addresses.
  • Project overview and description written for an informed lay audience, detailed project budget, and amount of funding requested
  • Statement of the specific significance/importance of the project and how it will advance the student’s scholarly work
  • Advising faculty member’s name and contact information and a brief endorsement by the faculty member.
  • The page must include the signatures of both the graduate student and the endorsing faculty member.


Fall applications are due on November 15th.  Awards will be announced within a month of this deadline.  Applications should be brought to the Graduate School Main Office (Building 1, Suite 2000). Or they may be mailed to:

The Graduate School
University of North Florida
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Award Disbursement

Students who are chosen for the award will need to provide appropriate documentation in order to receive scholarship funds. Documentation includes but is not limited to the following: receipts, conference programs, travel tickets, receipts for supplies, etc. Students will not be reimbursed until proper documentation has been received.


Additional Information

Any project which would require Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval must have secured this approval before an application for a Graduate Scholars award is made.