Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships for Graduate Students  

The Delores Auzenne Fellowship

The Auzenne Fellowship is designed to assist Florida's State Universities in increasing the enrollment of students who ae enrolled in graduate study in disciplines in which there is under-representation. Under this program, graduate students are nominated to receive awards of $5,000 each ($2,500 per semester; fall/spring or both) for year-long, full-time study.  Awards will not be granted to the same Auzenne Fellows for more than two academic years for those in Master's programs or four academic years for doctoral students. 


To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Have been accepted into select graduate disciplines and professional programs where minority graduate students are disporportionately underrepresented;
  2. Have demonstrated initiative in pursuing educational goals and possess the qualifications to assure satisfactory progress toward future educational goals;
  3. Are either citizens or permanent resident aliens (a copy of your card must be provided) of the United States.
  4. Have been classified as a Florida resident for tuition purposes for at least 1 year preceding the award of aid (Florida Statute 1009.21).

Check back in spring 2015 for information about applying for the 2015-2016 academic year. 

The Graduate Scholars Program

The Graduate Scholars Program offers aid to students who are pursuing projects of their own initiation that contribute to their activity as scholars, for example, the presentation of a paper at a scholarly conference.  These are one-time modest awards to cover costs associated with these sorts of scholarly activities.

**This program is currently unavailable.

Graduate Financial Aid Grants

Newly admitted students who exhibit fine academic merit and the highest financial need may automatically receive a Graduate Financial Aid Grant.  To be eligible, newly admitted graduate applicants must submit a FAFSA to UNF.  Preference will be given to those with the highest recalculated undergraduate GPAs who also show the most need as defined and supported within the Federal Loan Application (FAFSA).  Further details and stipulations include:

  • Other than the FAFSA, no scholarship application is required.
  • Selections will be made once per year, typically in the summer when all programs have made their initial fall admissions decisions.  Only those newly admitted to spring, summer, and fall terms within the calendar year will be considered.
  • To be eligible for renewal, the student must maintain a cumulative 3.5 UNF graduate GPA in his/her first year and continue to exhibit financial need for the coming year. Masters candidates can be awarded for a maximum of two calendar years; doctoral candidates have a maximum allowance of three years. 
  • Student must be full time, enrolled in at least 9 credits, and in good academic standing within his/her admitted degree program. 
  • This award is only available for the fall and spring semesters.  Should summer funds become available, they will be disbursed equitably among recent year recipients enrolled full time for the summer term.