CIRT News 

The Center for Instruction and Research Technology's publication, CIRT News, offers expertise, resources, and training to assist faculty in ways that enable them to develop greater capacities for using technology for teaching and research along with information on recent and upcoming events. CIRT News is published four times a year.

 Current Issue

January 2015

Highlights in this issue:

  • Faculty Spotlight:Using Digitization to Improve Art Installation Processes
    Nofa Dixon, Associate Professor, Department of Art and Design
  • CIRT - Looking Back and Moving Forward, Deb Miller, Director
  • The New CIRT Video Recording Studio, Dave Wilson, Assistant Director
  • Cultivating a Sense of Presence in Your Online Course, Julie Fuller, Instructional Designer
january 2015 feature 

Past Issues

  • Faculty Spotlight: Teaching Health Assessment with Online Simulation
    Lauren McAlister, School of Nursing
  • 2nd Annual Academic Technology Innovation Symposium
  • Recording Lectures for Online Learning
  • Authentic Learning Activities     

September 2014 

  • Faculty Spotlight: 3D Printed Models for Visualization
    TJ Mullen, Department of Chemistry
  • Gaming and Role-Playing in Higher Education
  • My Experience with UNF's Virtual Lab
  • Promoting Academic Integrity in Your Online Course

March 2014 

  • Faculty Spotlight: Using Contextual Media to Support Learning
    Marnie Jones, Department of English
  • 2014 Horizon Report: Higher Education Edition
  • 3D Printing
  • Aligning Objectives and Assessments
  • Faculty Spotlight: Using WordPress to Publish Original Student Research
    Scott Brown, Department of Art and Design
  • UNF Adopts Quality Matters
  • Google Hangouts
  • Digital Badging
  • Faculty Spotlight: Inviting Mobile Participation During Performance
    Charlotte Mabrey and Cara Tashesr, Department of Music
  • Start Flipping Your Classroom
  • Educause 2013
  • The Online Course Cycle
  • Faculty Spotlight: Designing and Facilitating a Large-Scale Online Course
    JB Scott, Department of Music
  • Distance Learning Strategic Plan Update
  • UNF's New Video Solution - Sharestream
  • Scaffolding to Support Student Success in Online Courses 
  • Faculty Spotlight: Using iMovie on the iPad for In-Class Video Production
    Caroline Guardino, Department of Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education
  • Changing Course: Ten Years of Online Education
  • NMC Horizon Report: 2013 Higher Education Edition
  • Lectures Using Blackboard Collaborate 
  • Faculty Spotlight: Establishing Community in an Online Course with Social Media
    Elizabeth Fullerton, Department of Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL
  • Distance Learning Strategic Plan
  • Screen Recording
  • Managing Multiple Sections in a Single Blackboard Course 

November 2012   

  • Faculty Spotlight: Creating an Oral History of Jacksonville's Hispanic Community
    Constanza López, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • Maintaining Instructional Presence in Online Courses
  • Qualtrics
  • Improving Student Learning with Assessment
  • Faculty Spotlight: Using Video Walk-Throughs to Illustrate Problem-Solving Process
    TJ Mullen, Department of Chemistry
  • New in CIRT
  • CIRT's New Video Setup
  • Managing Media Files in Blackboard






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