Video Conversion 

Sometimes, one simply wants to convert video from one format to another. The most common situation is converting from a format where only a small percentage of the intended audience can view, like VHS or Mini DV, to a ubiquitous format, like DVD.


image of camcorder, vhs tape, and cable The first step in the conversion process is to capture the video into the computer. Video must be captured before it can be converted. It takes approximately 1.25 to 1.5 times longer to capture a video than the total length of the video. A 60 minute tape takes roughly 75 minutes to capture, this accounts for the time needed to setup as well as the actual capture time. Video is captured in the DV format, which is compressed very little and uses a lot of space, roughly 5 minutes of DV video takes up 1 GB of space.


image of computer and DVDThe second step in the conversion process is to create the DVD. When the video editing software creates a DVD it does two things in one step. First, it converts the captured video into a format for DVD players. Once the video is converted (or rendered), the video edit ing software then burns it onto a DVD. The DVD creation process is time-consuming, and can take up to four times the actual length of the video being converted.