Digital Video

Digital video is a versatile technology that allows instructors to incorporate engaging material into their teaching and research with relative ease. It can be used to demonstrate techniques, record student progress, create course lectures for student review, and illustrate concepts. Digital video can be easily linked to from Blackboard courses.


Digital video is a general term used to describe video in a format that a computer or other digital device can use. CIRT offers extensive resources for the creation, editing, and publication of digital video.It can be created from a number of sources including, VHS tapes, DVDs, and video files. Current video editing applications are well developed, sophisticated, and easy to use. An instructor with no experience editing video can typically learn the basics in under an hour.


Examples of Faculty Video Projects:

For instructors who are interested in incorporating digital video into their courses without creating their own material, there are numerous websites where faculty can find video to use in a course.Several of these websites are listed in the Online Sources section. Additionally, publishers often provide educational video clips as part of a text package.