Clicker Set Up

To use CPS clickers in a course, please complete the steps below, You may contact CIRT with any questions; we will guide you through the adoption, training, and course setup process.

NOTE: We are now using only Pulse (gray) clickers. Blue and white clickers will no longer work in classrooms.

  1. Complete adoption form in myWings
    Go to Faculty Self-Service > Request Using CPS E-Instruction.
    Do this for all classes in which you will use clickers by the semester deadline. (Friday, November 22 for Spring 2014)

    *requests submitted after the deadline will be completed as time allows and may NOT be ready by start of term

  2. Include the student clicker in your textbook order to the bookstore.
    (ISBN: 9781881483816).

  3. Include clicker information in your course syllabus. Some sample language is available below.

  4. Request your Blackboard course(s).If you teach multiple sections, it is useful at this point to give each section a unique name, ie Intro to Physics, Tu/Thur. You will need a separate Blackboard course for each section you teach.If you are interested in using combined sections in Bb, please first consult with CIRT staff to understand the implications for CPS.

  5. Register CPS in your Bb courses and import those classes into your database. Directions

  6. Contact CIRT with questions and to learn about training opportunities.

Other useful information:Students buy clickers from the bookstore; the cost is $23.75. Students also need to activate the clicker each semester in Blackboard; the cost is $10 per semester, or they may purchase Lifetime activation for $21.

Activation codes may be purchased through the bookstore for students using scholarship funds, but the cost may be higher.The bookstore will buy clickers back from students at the end of the semester.

The following language may be used in a course syllabus and other communications to students:

CPS Pad Required
This course will be using the eInstruction student response system. You will need to purchase a clicker (ISBN: 9781881483816) from the bookstore and bring it with you to every class session.The cost of the clicker is $23.75. There is also a $10 activation fee per semester (or $21 for lifetime activation). The purchase of a CPS pad is NOT optional; it will be used as an integral part of this course. I will provide a short demonstration of how to use CPS in class.

After you purchase your clicker, you must register your clicker online for this class through Blackboard. Instructions for the registration process can be found here.

Note:  Students should purchase ONLY ONE “CLICKER” because the same unit can be used in every class that chooses to use the CPS system. Similarly, students need only pay ONE activation fee per semester, which will cover all of their courses, though activation via Blackboard is still required for each course-you will only be asked to pay a fee for the first course you activate.