Thomas G. Carpenter Library Policies

Seminar Room Procedures - Internal Staff Policy
Number: Internal Policy #0002
Date: 09/28/2007
Department: Reference Department



The seminar rooms on the second floor of the Library, Rooms 2115, 2116, and 2117, are scheduled through Academic Affairs for semester classes and faculty committee meetings. The rooms will not be reserved for student organizations or study groups. Food is not allowed in the rooms. No exceptions.  


All faculty members who are scheduled to teach in one of the rooms as well as all faculty members who make a reservation for a meeting are required to have their Intellikeys activated so that they can unlock and lock the doors. Because the rooms are equipped with expensive computer equipment, the doors must be locked by the responsible faculty member when the group leaves the room.




When a faculty member asks you to unlock one of the doors, use the following procedure.

  • Check the Academic Affairs calendar to determine who has the room scheduled for the specific time in question.
  • Ask to see an Osprey ID or driver’s license. The person asking you to open the door must show that he/she is the person who is scheduled to teach a class or meet in the room.
  • Ask the faculty member to let you know when the class or meeting is over so that you can lock the door.
  • Inform the faculty member that we will unlock and lock the doors to the seminar rooms only during the first week of classes and in emergencies. We will not honor recurring requests from faculty members who have just not taken the time to have a key activated.
  • Give Sarah the name of the faculty member who arrived without a key so that a reminder can be sent.


How to access the Academic Affairs calendar for the seminar rooms:  

  • Outlook Calendar through Explorer
  • Go into your Outlook calendar
  • Click on the Folder List icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Under Public Folders, All Public Folders, you should see the listing of the three seminar rooms.

Outlook Calendar through Firefox  

  • Go into your Outlook calendar. Click on Public Folders on the left bar.
  • Click on Academic Affairs and you should see the listing for the seminar rooms.

Technical Support  

  • For technical problems with classroom equipment, the faculty member should call the Classroom Emergency Hotline at 620-2909 or the Computer Help Desk at 620-4357.