Thomas G. Carpenter Library Policies

Inappropriate Computer Use - Internal Staff Policy
Internal Policy #0001
Reference Department

Policy for UNF Library Staff -- Complaints about Inappropriate Computer Use


The Library has been advised by the UNF General Counsel Office and the University Police Department that all library users, regardless of their affiliation with the University, must adhere to the University’s Network Acceptable Use Policy. To deal with complaints about the display of offensive images on public workstations, the General Counsel Office refers to the following statement on "sexual harassment" and "disruptive behavior" in Chapter 6.0050P, Section III.


All users of computing, networking, telecommunications, and other information technology resources of the University are required to:

comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including, but not limited to copyright, trademark and licensing laws, the Florida Computer Crimes Act (Chapter 815, F.S.), state obscenity laws (Chapter 847, F.S.), and all Florida Board of Governors and University rules, policies, and procedures. Existing University policies applicable to standards of behavior (such as code of conduct, ethics, sexual harassment, disruptive behavior, academic integrity, use of facilities, etc.) are incorporated in this policy by reference.

 If a library user(s) notifies you that someone is viewing computer screens that they consider offensive or that make them uncomfortable, follow these procedures:

  • Refer the problem to the Reference librarian in charge.
  • The librarian will inform the suspect that a complaint has been received and that if the person refuses to stop displaying the screens, the UPD will be called.
  • If more than one complaint is received against the same person, the UPD will be called.
  • You do not have to confirm the viewing of the screens yourself. The complaint, indicating an unacceptable level of discomfort with the images, is sufficient.
  • The Sexual Harassment Policy prohibits the display of inappropriate computer images on University computers and is designed to insure an environment where people can "work, study and interact with each other free from any form of sexual harassment."
  • If there is any doubt as to whether or not the UPD should be called, you should go ahead and call and the department will respond.
  • The goal is to insure a comfortable and safe environment for library users and staff.