Services for Users with Disabilities

The Library provides a number of special services for individuals with disabilities.


Please ask at the Access Services Desk (main floor) or the Reference Desk (2nd floor) for assistance.

Electronic Library Access

Many UNF resources and services are available electronically outside the library. Here are some webpages that will help you use these resources.


  • Substitute Borrower Authorization: Apply at the Access Services Desk. This authorizes another individual to check out library materials on behalf of a user with disabilities.

Reference Services

Retrieval Services

Request assistance retrieving books or other library materials at the Access Services Desk or Reference Desk.

Renew Online

Printing and Photocopying Information

  • Photocopies are found in the copy alcoves behind elevators on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.
  • Printers are available near computers and are networks so that you can pick up a print job at any print release station.
  • Here is information about copy cards, color printing and more. 
  • Ask for assistance at any of the service desks on the 1st three floors.

Large Type

  • All library webpages are designed so that type size can be enlarged. Simply click on View > Text Size and select your preference.
  • The library has a Visual-Tek machine in the room next to the Reference Desk (2nd floor) to magnify print or written materials.

Access Equipment  

The library has a designated room next to the Reference Desk that provides computer software and equipment for students with disabilities.

  • A Visual-Tek machine magnifies printed type or written work.
  • The computer is equipped with JAWS and MAGic (Magnification in Color) software and includes all the regular office software plus Internet access.
  • Please ask for assistance at the Reference Desk.

Further Assistance