What drivers with disabilities need to know about parking at UNF:

Parking guidelines

The University provides parking spaces for drivers who have disabilities.


If you display both a valid UNF parking permit (Daily or Vendor) for that lot or garage, and either a state-issued disability parking placard or a UNF-issued temporary disability placard, you may park in a disabled parking space. Please be aware that all disability spaces located in the core of campus require a minimum of a Blue parking permit. 


If you have a State or UNF issued disability parking permit and need a daily parking permit, please visit the Parking Services main office, located at the first building on the right as you enter campus from either I-295. Present your disability permit in order to purchase a daily parking permit for $5 that will allow you to park in one of the interior campus disability parking spaces, located within the Blue Lots.    

Shuttle service 

The shuttle buses are equipped with wheel chair ramps and are ADA compliant.


If you need special accommodations, please contact Shuttle Management at (904) 620-5718 for assistance. We will attempt to make all reasonable accommodations.

Temporary impairment

UNF Temporary Disability Permits may be obtained within the Parking & Transformation Services building (52); first building on the right of the I-295 campus entrance.

Parking Services can issue a temporary UNF disability permit for up to thirty (30) days for the following reasons:

  • With a physician's note requesting the ability to park in disability spaces.
  • At the request of the UNF Disability Resource Center (DRC) or Student Health Services.
  • With an obvious injury such as a cast on a leg or ankle.

All exception requests for a "Blue" permit based on medical issues will need to be cleared through the DRC. If the DRC approves the exception then Parking Services will honor the decision and sell or upgrade to a "Blue" permit. If the person no longer requires the temporary State disability parking permit, the person may down grade back to a "Gray" (formerly known as Lot 14/18/&53 Only or Discount) permit and can recover the cost difference.


All requests for a temporary disability parking permit for more than 30 days are advised to apply for the State of Florida disability permit.

ALL disability permits in use at UNF must be displayed accompanied by the correct category of UNF parking permit for the area being utilized. Example: If a person parks on the 1st floor of a parking garage in a disability parking space then a UNF Faculty/Staff permit must be visible as well as the disability permit.

If a person with a State issued disability parking permit is living in Housing at UNF, they may park in any disability space in the "Blue" parking permit locations on campus. This does  include the 1st floor areas in the parking garages.


Have a question, concern, or suggestion? Please e-mail parking@unf.edu