The Museum of Contemporary Art

How does your gift build the future?

The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, a private non-profit visual arts educational institution and cultural resource of the University of North Florida, serves the community and its visitors through exhibitions, collections, educational programs, and publications designed to enhance an understanding and appreciation of modern and contemporary art with particular emphasis on works created from 1960 to the present.MOCA 1 


Holding a permanent collection of almost 800 works in a range of media such as painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography, MOCA Jacksonville is one of the Southeast’s largest contemporary art institutions, dedicated to presenting innovative exhibitions by the finest international, national and regional artists. 

Endowment: $600,000

Endowment funds provide lasting sustainability to the museum’s operations and its presentation of contemporary art.  

Operating Support: $2.15 million

Gifts to this area are vitally important for the museum to continue normal day-to-day operations. 

Just look at what we have accomplished with donor support: 

MOCA provides museum tours to over 5,000 students and community groups annually, including free admission for over 750 children from targeted under served, Title I schools in partnership with the Duval County Schools. MOCA 2 


In 2009-10, more than 18 free lectures, panel discussions, and curatorial-led gallery talks were offered to the public, serving over 1,000 visitors.


MOCA’s Rainbow Artists: Art and Autism Across the Spectrum educational initiative serves children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, the fastest growing childhood disability in the U.S. This initiative has been recognized by the leading autism organizations in Jacksonville such as Center for Autism Disorders and HEAL Foundation.  MOCA’s program was selected by the Duval County Schools as the exclusive arts program to serve 140 ESE children in the Duval County system. 


MOCA’s Voice of the People, a literacy-based initiative for 80 students at S. P. Livingston Elementary School (a Title I school) has proven to improve critical thinking, reading and writing skills. The program has demonstrated measurable results in increasing academic achievement of the students and has become a sought after program by other schools.  

MOCA 3Donations help to fund a wide range of MOCA’s outreach programs including educational lectures from UNF Art & Design faculty, as well as: 


School Tour Scholarships 

MOCA’s guided school tours provide students with an interactive and engaging museum experience. Tours are based on Sunshine State curriculum requirements and provide students with meaningful art experiences that also help with yearly learning goals.  



Sunday ArtFusion Family Program 

ArtFusion is a free Sunday afternoon program for families, providing a creative and inspiring art-making activities for children to work with their parents or adult caregivers. This Sunday “drop-in” program encourages fun-filled art-making experiences for families, serving over 1,700 participants annually.