University Colors

The official school colors are blue and gray. Because both are dark and muted, a primary color palette has been created to allow more flexibility without abandoning the traditional colors.


Primary Color Palette

This consists of UNF blue (PMS 288),UNF gray (PMS Cool Gray 8), plus a silver (PMS 877), black and white. The gray can be created with a 45-percent screen of black. Note that the former gray (PMS 430) has been replaced with a somewhat lighter gray (PMS Cool Gray 8).

Color swatches of black, blue, Cool gray, metallic silver and white


Secondary Color Palette

To express a lively, modern look and to brighten up documents, Web pages and other applications such as architecture and environmental graphics, a secondary color palette has been developed. The selected bold colors in the secondary color palette include bright red (PMS 1797), a medium green (PMS 355), a bright blue (PMS 3005), a bright purple (PMS 2592) and a bright yellow (PMS 116). This range of colors is intended to complement the primary color palette. Intense or bold colors, such as PMS 1797 red, are to be used in moderation, as an accent. Primary and secondary colors may be used in:

  • Pantone inks, as specified
  • Four-color process (CMYK)
  • RGB (for electronic media only)


A range of tones and hues based on the secondary color palette may be used for large color blocks. Consult with the Department of Marketing and Publications before using any colors other than those specified in the primary and secondary color palettes.

Color swatches of red, green, blue, purple and yellow.