Variations of the University Logo

Acceptable logo formats 

The University logo may be used in the vertical or horizontal format shown here. Unapproved versions may not be used under any circumstances without the expressed written permission of the Visual Identity Standards Committee.




UNF Logo-vertical
UNF Logo Horizontal



Acceptable logo usage 

Clear zone: For maximum readability and visual impact, the logo must be surrounded by an appropriate clear zone. The clear zone is defined as the area that visually separates the logo from all other graphic elements. At minimum, that separation should be equal to or greater than the height of the monogram on all sides. No copy or graphics are permitted in this area, with the exception of UNF sub-brand and co-brand names.



UNF Logo Vertical


Logo colors


The University logo should appear in its official colors. It may be reversed to white when reproduced on a dark background.



UNF Logo_Rev



Unacceptable uses of the University logo 

Never alter the proportions of the UNF logo causing it to appear distorted. The logo should never be reproduced within a border or on an angle. The logo cannot be redrawn, re-set, re-proportioned or distorted, nor can it be reproduced from an unapproved file or source. The logo should never be reproduced from a Website or previously printed publication.


The University logo should not be combined with or made part of any other logo. If used together with another logo in the same piece or field of vision, the University logo should always be the dominant element. The other logo(s) should be separate and subordinate.


Never create new, alternate versions of the logo. 

UNF Logo X mark2 UNF Logo X mark3
UNF Logo X mark4 UNF Logo X mark7
UNF Logo X mark6