Alumni testimonials

"UNF was a life-changing experience for me. While studying at the Coggin College of Business, I was fortunate to have outstanding faculty members who were an inspiration to me and motivated me to pursue a career in human resources. One of those professors was Dr. Edward Johnson. He encouraged me to apply for a position with JEA as a human resources adviser. He and his wife, Beryl, became mentors and provided me with excellent advice and guidance as I began my career."

Michele Mitchell, B.B.A. '04 

"I am grateful to UNF for providing me with the tools to begin my career and I want to show my appreciation by supporting the programs from which I benefited. I am asking you to join me in this exciting initiative and help UNF offer transformational learning opportunities (TLOs) to every student. Your gift of any amount will make a big difference."

Sarah Williams Michael, B.A. '03

"My educational path has been a long one. I went to two community colleges and another university in Florida before coming to UNF. When I came to UNF, I found not just a university, but a home. Unlike other institutions, professors at UNF truly cared about whether or not I understood the material. They were readily available to meet with me and take my e-mails and phone calls. At UNF, the faculty and staff really seemed to want me to succeed. I want to help others to succeed."

Teri Coutu, B.S. Health, '99

"My construction estimating and management classes at UNF provided the background and knowledge that enabled me to pass the State of Florida General Contractors Exam, some 11 years after graduation. I now own a construction company. I'm proud to have an opportunity to be part of the ongoing changes and success this University has experienced throughout the years."

Terry Savage, B.S. Technology, '84