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Osprey Alumni Clubs

What is an Osprey Alumni Club?


Osprey Alumni Clubs refer to all approved alumni groups that are formed on a geographical basis. These groups can form in areas around Jacksonville (such as Orange Park) or they can form outside of the greater Jacksonville (UNF) area, such as Tampa, Fla. or New York City. An example of an approved Osprey Alumni Club is the Washington D.C. Osprey Alumni Club.




UNF Osprey Alumni Clubs serve Alumni and promote and enhance the objectives of the UNF Alumni Association and the University. They help alums stay connected to other UNF alums, and the University of North Florida, by allowing Ospreys to join a regional alumni network in their city. Prior to forming a club, a group must meet the certification requirements as outlined in the Alumni Association’s bylaws. Each club must hold a minimum of two events each calendar year in order to maintain its certification. Clubs shall provide a detailed report of their activities to the Alumni Association prior to the Association’s regular and annual meetings.


Forming an Osprey Alumni Club (Certification)


You can start your own Club by first calling the Office of Alumni Services. A staff member will be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions.

  • Contact the Office of Alumni Services to discuss forming a club
  • Complete and submit the following supplemental documents
    • Letter of intent
    • An alumni club roster: include the names, contact information, graduation years of no less than 10 UNF alums who are interested in forming a club.
    • A list of potential event ideas or other alumni-related activities and initiatives
  • The Office of Alumni Services will review the submitted material and collaborate with the UNF Alumni Association to approve the Club.
  • Once confirmed by the Alumni Association, the Office of Alumni Services will notify the club, via written approval, on behalf of the Alumni Association and the University.
  • Any club shall be governed by the UNF Alumni Association Bylaws.




If you are interested in hosting an event in your area, please call 1 (800) UNF-GRAD or e-mail unf-alum@unf.edu.


To learn more about alumni clubs and regional networks, please contact 

the Office of Alumni Services at (904) 620-4723 or send an e-mail to unf-alum@unf.edu.



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