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Spring 2015 Senior Service Award

 Morgan MacIntyre

Morgan MacIntyre



The UNF Alumni Association selected Morgan MacIntyre as the recipient of the Senior Service Award for the spring 2015 graduating class. The UNF Alumni Association selects a graduating senior each semester for outstanding service to the University and the community through volunteerism.

Morgan graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences with a degree in molecular and cellular biology. She was recently accepted to Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She hopes to go into pediatrics because she loves children. However, she knows that she will be fulfilled with any medical profession she selects because she’ll be helping and serving people – what she was put on this earth to do.

Morgan is known on campus and in the community for her hard work, passion, and leadership. She is exceptionally successful in encouraging her fellow Ospreys to join her in her volunteer activities. Morgan is involved in the Biomedical Pre-Professionals Club, where she has volunteered for more than three years facilitating hearing and eye screenings at Twin Lakes Elementary School. Morgan served as both the treasurer and vice president of the Biology Club, where she organized outreach programs at the Malivai Washington Youth Foundation. During these visits, the club brought microscopes, slides and interactive activities to get the children interested in science. Morgan has also been very involved in Converge on Campus where she visited Guatemala on six different occasions for week-long trips to build homes, meet tangible needs, and share love with community members.

Morgan also served as the vice president of External Programming for the Presidential Envoys Student Alumni Association, a select group of students who act as student ambassadors for the campus and the University president. Morgan has organized countless volunteer opportunities for her fellow members directed toward a diverse range of audiences and needs, from visiting the Sulzbacher Center to prepare meals or host a bingo night, visiting Hubbard House for a pizza and game night with the children in the shelter, collecting non-perishable food items and hygiene products for the UNF Lend-A-Wing Pantry, and working in the Ogier Gardens to help fellow classmates who may not be able to afford fresh produce and food. Under Morgan’s leadership and vision, the Presidential Envoys have truly impacted people’s lives this past year – both on campus and in the community.

In addition to her role in planning Presidential Envoy service opportunities, Morgan is also responsible for the Envoys’ “Spirit Spotting” efforts. Spirit Spotting involves teaching fellow Ospreys on campus to “swoop” to encourage school spirit.

Morgan’s many involvements and contributions reflect that she is a remarkable person. She is a true example of a focused, passionate student leader and a great representative of the University of North Florida. She truly characterizes what the Senior Service Award represents, and we have no doubt that she will be successful in her next journey and make us proud to call her an Osprey alumna.





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