Student E-mail

When a student is fully admitted, a UNF ID (computing account) is created. During this process, an email account is also generated. The UNF ID, or "n number" is used to log in to myWings, Canvas, email, wireless, etc. Students have 10 GB of storage space for email and 25 GB of storage for their SkyDrive (file storage). Students will have their Ospreys Email account for life.


Students can access their Ospreys Email account through myWings. After logging into myWings, click on "Ospreys Email" icon at the top right hand side of the page.



Ospreys Email Icon in myWings


For more information about the features on Ospreys Email, FAQssetting up your smartphone, accessing your SkyDrive (student file storage), Microsoft Office Web Apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, One Note).


It is also possible to access Ospreys Email without logging into myWings. To do this, go to


There is a separate password associated with your Ospreys E-mail account, however, if you access it though myWings, you do not need to enter it. If you access Ospreys E-mail using a smartphone or at, you will need to choose/know your Ospreys E-mail password.  The password you choose for Ospreys E-mail should be different than your myWings password. If you need to select a password for your Ospreys E-mail account, go to and click on "Can't Access Your Account". 


All official documents from the University are mailed to a student's email address.