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ID Selection

If trying to get information about a person in Banner but the UNF ID is unknown, the user can use the ID Selection to retrieve the UNF ID.  The user enters the first and last names or the SSN of the person for which they are searching.  The use of wildcards is allowed when specifying first and last names.  A selection list of matches is displayed.  The user can select the correct one which will save the selected UNF ID to be used elsewhere.


Intended Audience/Users: ITS, CIRT



Demographic Data

The user can view current Banner data and portal roles for the individual selected.  The user must enter the UNF ID in order to view the Demographic Data.  The display is divided into the following sections:



This section displays certain key identifying elements recorded in the Banner database including: birth date, citizenship, gender, ethnicity, and, if your security permits, SSN. If available, the individual’s photo also appears in the upper right corner of the page.


Banner Data

This section provides information stored in Banner that is used in the generation of roles that are sent to the portal. If the individual has no data associated with the label, the word "No" is displayed.

  • Alumnus - If the individual has ever graduated from UNF with a terminal (non-AA) degree, this label is followed by “Yes” and the latest graduation term is displayed.
  • Applicant - “Yes” indicates that the individual has an application for admission recorded in Banner. If so, the term of the latest application is shown. If no applications are found, then “No” is displayed.
  • Employee - If the individual has any employee records recorded in Banner, this label will be followed by the status of their employment. If the employee is retired or inactive, the last date worked is also displayed.
    • Active – The individual is a current employee.
    • Inactive – The individual is a former employee.
    • Retirement – The individual is retired.
  • Faculty - If the individual has ever been recorded as faculty in Banner, this label is followed by “Yes” and the last term the instructor was assigned to a course is displayed to the right. Banner also assigns the faculty role to advisors.
  • Student - If the individual has been a student, then this label will be followed by either Active indicating they are an active student or have been admitted to a future term, or Inactive indicating they have been a student in the past. The last term of enrollment is displayed to the right.

Current Portal Roles

This section lists the set of roles which Banner maintains for the portal. If the individual has a role, the word “Yes” appears below the heading. To the right of the Portal label, the enrollment status for the current term is indicated by one of the following: Enrolled, Not Enrolled, or Withdrawn.

  • Active Student – Individuals who are students that are currently enrolled, who are recently enrolled and have not broken continuous enrollment, or have been admitted for a future term.
  • Advisor – Individuals who have been identified by Academic Affairs as being a current academic advisor.
  • Alumni – Individuals who have been awarded a terminal (non-AA) degree by UNF.
  • Applicant – Individuals with an application for admission on file for the past year or a future term.
  • Employee – Active employee.
  • Faculty – Individuals who have been identified by Academic Affairs as being a current instructor.
  • Finance – Individuals who have been granted security for certain financial functions in Banner.
  • Housing – Individuals reported by Housing to be living in the dorms.
  • INB – Individuals who have been granted security to use Internet Native Banner screens.
  • Parent – Individuals who have self-identified as being parents of one or more UNF students.
  • Patron – Individuals who have a recent outstanding balance on a UNF account, but who are neither a student nor an employee.
  • Student – Any individual who has been a student at UNF or has been admitted for a future term.
  • WSJ – Individuals registered for a class with the WSJ attribute for the current or future term; are employees of the business college; or are in certain other designated positions in the University.

Address Information

If available, the current mailing and permanent addresses and phone numbers are displayed. If the individual has a UNF email address assigned, then the actual and display email addresses are shown. If the individual has provided an additional self-reported email address, it is also shown.


If available, the individual’s primary emergency contact information is displayed.


Other Functions

To resend roles to the portal, click the Sync Portal button. The process may take several minutes for the portal to consume and process the update.


If a Fix Banner Access button is displayed, then Banner has disabled the individual’s self-service account. Click the button to correct this condition.


Intended Audience/Users: ITS, CIRT



Group Managers

The Group Managers application is used to grant users the ability to add members to a group in the Group Maintenance application.  Group managers will then be responsible for maintaining the members of their assigned groups.


Intended Audience/Users: ITS



Group Maintenance

The Group Maintenance application is used to manage members of various groups that cannot be identified in the Banner system.  After selecting a Group, group managers may add, remove or update members.  This application also provides the ability for a list of ID numbers to be added to a group from a text file.


Intended Audience/Users: ITS, Various Departments