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UNF Administrative Applications

Information Technology Services Enterprise Systems has developed a number of applications and systems to supplement the delivered functionality of our Enterprise Application, Banner. These applications can be found in Banner Self-Service. 


  • Academic Program Control  
  • The FloridaShines system includes managing the Academic Program Control and FloridaShines pin management for students.

  • Admissions Referral  
  • The Admissions Referral System provides an electronic means to indicate Admission decisions for referred applicants thus replacing a paper process.

  • Admissions Workflow
  • The Admissions Workflow system provides an efficient way of processing admissions applications to completion

    Audit Project Tracking System

    The Audit Project Tracking System provides the Office of Internal Auditing a means for tracking projects and related issues, tracking staff time and reporting.

  • Commencement

    The Commencement System includes the Graduation Ceremony, Graduation Review and Graduation Application.

  • Complete Withdrawal
  • Complete Withdrawal is the formal process of leaving the University. Dropping all classes or withdrawing from all classes in a term is not the same as a Complete Withdrawal from the University. 

  • Concurrent Enrollment 
  • Concurrent Enrollment refers to currently-registered UNF degree-seeking students who wish to earn credit at another regionally-accredited postsecondary institution for transfer into a UNF degree program. 
  • Distribution Lists

    Distribution lists are used to communicate to various groups of people; including but not limited to employees and students. 

  • Early Academic Alert System
  • The Early Academic Alert System (EAAS) is an academic support program which gives faculty an opportunity to alert a student, the student's academic advisor and the program administrator when the student is performing poorly in a particular course early in the semester.


    COEHS- Electronic Candidate Assessment Tracking System

  • EDI Management

  • The EDI Management system provides a means to view EDI information both sent and received by the University. 

  • Employee Education Program (EEP) 

  • The Employee Education Program provides a means to select courses to be paid for by this employee benefit. 

  • Event Management System

  • The Event Management System provides a way for UNF Staff to create an event with its individual functions, add R.S.V.P.s with a guest count and check people in upon arrival to an event.

  • Experiential Learning Transcript
  • The Experiential Learning Transcript allows students to provide information regarding experiential learning (learning outside the classroom) to produce an official transcript.

  • Faculty Activity Reporting
  • Faculty Activity Reports (FARs) constitute the University’s official record of a faculty member’s activities for each academic term. 
  • Faculty Audit

    The Faculty Audit System is a way for Academic Affairs to manage faculty compliance.

  • Faculty Recency

    COEHS faculty must demonstrate that they meet the requirements of Rule 6A-5.066 for Continued Approval of Educator Preparation Programs.

  • Financial Aid Mid-Year Request 
  • The Financial Aid Mid-Year Request System provides a means to review mid year requests from students.

    Financial Aid Processing and Selection System (PASS)

    The Financial Aid Processing and Selection System (PASS) is a system that allows Financial Aid staff to award initial scholarship, exemption and other resource awards for incoming freshman (FTIC) and transfer recipients.

  • Financial Aid Workflow

  • The Financial Aid Workflow is a way for Financial Aid processing to manage the students that are part of the verification workflow.

  • Fraternity-Sorority Life

  • The Fraternity/Sorority Life System is a way for the Fraternity/Sorority Life office to maintain the Greek chapters here on campus, maintain chapter information and member information.

  • Grading

    The Grading System includes grade audit, online grade change status, mid-term grades, missing grade reports, and change of grade.

  • Jacksonville Commitment

    The Jacksonville Commitment is a scholarship program sponsored by the four Jacksonville colleges and universities, Duval County Public Schools and the City of Jacksonville.

  • Major Change Request

    The Major Change Request System provides an electronic means for advisors to request a change to a student's program thus replacing a paper process.

  • NCAA Continuing Eligibility

    The NCAA Continuing Eligibility System allows the Advising, Intercollegiate Athletics and University Compliance Offices to better communicate regarding an athletes' degree progress.

  • NCAA - CAi

  • The NCAA - CAi System maintains a cross reference between Banner codes and NCAA codes.

  • Orientation

    The Orientation System includes setup of orientation dates, orientation registration and orientation reports.

  • Osprey Maps

    The Osprey Maps System is a tracking system to monitor degree progression for undergraduate students.

  • Parent Portal
  • The Parent Portal System provides an option to allow authorized access to student information for parents, guardians or third parties. 

  • Professional Behaviors Assessment
  • The Physical Therapy Professional Behaviors Assessment supports the Physical Therapy program’s assessment of its students. 

  • Provisional Admission
  • Selective Admission programs have the option of admitting students as Provisional. These students have three consecutive (regardless of enrollment) semesters to be fully admitted.
  • Purge for Non-Payment
  • The Purge for Non-Payment provides an electronic method for preventing students from being purged.
  • Registration Reports

    The Registration Reports System is primarily an extract program that collects data during registration periods. The College Reassignment and Term Dates are used to control the behavior of the extract program.

  • Scholarship Application System

  • The Scholarship Application System is a system that allows students to apply for some scholarships electronically. 

  • Scholarship Management System

    The Scholarship Management System is a means to process Foundation Awards electronically. 

  • Student Placement 

    The Student Placement System provides the COEHS a means to track the placement of students in classrooms in the surrounding community where they must gain experience in a teaching capacity.

  • Summer Financial Aid

  • The Summer Financial Aid System provides a means to review Summer Financial Aid applications.

  • Supplemental Instruction

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a peer-facilitated academic support program offered through the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).

  • Suspension

  • The Suspension System includes an electronic means for advisors to request the release of a student's suspension for a term and the ability to determine a new academic status for students who are on probation or are eligible to suspend.

  • Tuition Scholarship Program

  • The Tuition Scholarship Program offers a benefit to University employees by providing assistance to spouse and dependent children of eligible employees who are seeking a college education at the undergraduate or graduate level, by reducing the financial burden for family members.

  • Veteran Certification

  • The Veteran Certification System is a certification and tracking system for students who are veterans or spouse/dependents of veterans.  

  • Work Study Eligibility System

  • The Work Study Eligibility System helps departments across campus to monitor processing of Work Study student requests.


Stand-Alone Applications by Category

  • Academic History
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Course Level Maintenance
      • Excess Hours
      • Hours and GPA
      • History Attribute Maintenance
      • Independent Study Titles Input: Departmental View
      • Independent Study Titles Input: Registrar View
      • Independent Study Titles Input: User Maintenance
      • Mid-Term Grades
      • Repeated Courses
      • Student Transcript
      • Transfer Evaluation
      • Transfer Transcript Details
      • UNF Coursework
    • Student Services Menu
      • Excess Hours Status
      • Transfer Evaluation
  • Admissions
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Admission Application
      • Admission Checklist Query
      • Admission Checklist Status
      • Admission Decision Review
      • Admissions Processing Workspace
      • Admissions Recommendation Program Form Control
      • Application Audit Summary
      • Application Deadline Exceptions
      • Application Processing
      • Distance Learning State Authorization
      • High School Course Catalog
      • High School Transcripts
      • One-Stop Student Info
      • Partnership Codes
      • Scholarship Application Attributes Control
      • Student Conduct
      • Test Scores
      • Transient Applicant Courses and Approvals
    • Student Services Menu
      • Admission Decision Confirmation
      • Admissions and Financial Aid Information
      • Application Audit Summary
      • Application Status
      • Status Letter
      • Test Scores for Admission
    • Public Application
      • Admissions Recommendation System 
  • Advising
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Advisor Assignment Maintenance
      • Areas for Required Courses
      • Degree Evaluation
  • Catalog and Schedule
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Course Descriptions Review
      • Course Fees Review
      • Course Descriptions Review: User Role Maintenance
      • Course Schedule Change Request
      • Course Schedule Requests List
      • CPS Requests
      • Faculty Alpha List
      • New Schedule Section Request
      • Non-APC Change Request
      • Non-APC Request View
      • Unused Room Search
    • Public Applications
      • Department Schedule
      • Distance Learning Schedule
  • Course Enrollment and Rosters
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Class Rosters
      • Class Roster Security
      • Department Browse
      • Roster Archive
      • Table of Chairs
      • Wait Lists
    • Faculty Services Menu
      • SOLO Status
      • Summary Class List
  • Financial Aid
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • DER Fund Codes
      • Fund Renewal Criteria
      • Grade and Hours Update
      • Jacksonville Commitment Tracking
      • SAP Dashboard
    • Financial Aid Menu
      • Bookstore Authorizations
  • General Person
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Banner ID Creation
      • Demographic Data
      • Group Managers
      • Group Maintenance
      • ID Selection
      • Match Suspense Records for Banner ID Creation
  • General Student
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Banner ID Creation
      • Demographic Data
      • Enrollment History
      • General Student
      • GPA Calculator
      • Health Information
      • Honors Program
      • Immunization Records
      • Informational Hold Audit
      • Match Suspense Records for Banner ID Creation
      • Petition Tracking
      • Registration Holds
      • Residency Tracking
      • Student Success Management
      • View Letter (GUAPARA)
    • Faculty Services Menu
      • ISQ Response Rates
    • Student Services Menu
      • Immunization Policy (1006.69)
      • Information Hold
      • Non-disclosure Request
      • Student Conduct Disclosure Hold
      • Transcripts and Enrollment Verifications
  • Housing and Meal Memberships
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Housing and Meal Membership Exemption
      • Mandatory Housing (to be deprecated)
    • Student Services Menu
      • Meal Membership Exemption
      • Purchase a Meal Membership
  • On-Line Reporting
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Active Athletes
      • Communication Center Reports
      • Report by Curriculum
      • Transfer of Records
  • Recruitment
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Contact Batch Update
      • Contact Maintenance
      • Recruit Data Entry
      • Recruitment User Maintenance
      • Student Contact Maintenance

      Public Applications

      • Info Request
  • Registration
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Drop for Non-Attendance - User Control
      • Drop for Non-Attendance
      • EPI - Completions
      • EPI - Registration
      • Priority Registration - Control Dates
      • Priority Registration - Groups
      • Priority Registration - User Control
      • Priority Registration
      • Reinstatement Date Maintenance
      • Student Schedule
      • Surcharge Course File
      • Surcharge Exemptions
    • Student Services Menu
      • Reinstatement
      • Withdraw Courses
  • Transfer Articulation
    • UNF Administrative Applications Menu
      • Catalog Browse
      • Pending Courses for Direct Equate Review
      • Pending Courses for Equivalent Review
      • Threshold Management