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For Registration overrides, please complete the online registration override request through myWings:

Make sure you've attempted to register for the course to be able to request an Override



Override Instructions:

1) Log into myWings

2) Click on Student tab

3) Select “Student Self Service” in My Records box

4) Select “Online Forms”

5) Under Records and Registration: select “Registration Override Request”

6) Select term you rec’d registration error for and click “next” and your student information for that term will populate

7) Select the “Course” you want to request override for and click “next”

8) If you believe you have a valid reason for an override, check the box under “Statement of Understanding” and enter your reason for this request in the area provided.  Attach any supporting documentation in the section provided.

9) Submit


Once the advising office receives your information and has had a chance to make a decision on your request, you will receive an email. If you have been approved for an override, you will need to go register for that course. You may check your status under “Online Student form Status”. 


Thank you.


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