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Undergraduate Business Policy Application (MAN4720)

  • By filling in my name and submitting this form, I agree that I have read the Business Policy Application Instructions and have been notified of the deadline to apply for graduation.
  • All Required (*) Items must be completed to move to the next step. If you have any questions, please contact a Coggin College of Business Advisor.
  • You will receive an auto-email confirmation when the application has been submitted.
  • Please answer the following questions using your degree evaluation.
  • To View Your Degree Evaluation Online: 
    • myWings > 
    • Student Tab > 
    • My Records > 
    • Degree Evaluation > 
    • Curriculum Info (If accurate Major, click on hyperlink. If not ‘View Previous Evaluation’ click on Most Recent) > 
    • Click on ‘Detail Requirements View’ > 
    • Submit

Please monitor your email on a regular basis once you have submitted your policy application. If the academic advisor who is processing your application has questions, you will receive an email. Please work with this advisor exclusively to avoid confusion. Please realize that there will be a large quantity of applications to process and confirmation will not be immediate. If you have not received a follow up email confirming your acceptance or asking for additional information by the week before registration, please contact the academic advising office. 




Personal Information

First Name  *
Last Name  *
N Number  *

UNF Email

Note: all correspondence will

be sent to UNF email




1st Major  *
2nd Major

Concentration (Finance before

Fall 2009 catalog year only)





What classes will you be registering for in your final semester? For each class, list the course number (the 3 letter prefix and 4 digit number).


Class 1   *
Class 2   *
Class 3   *
Class 4   *
Class 5   *
Class 6   *

Class 7


* Is major correctly listed on degree evaluation?
* Is minor correctly listed on degree evaluation? 


Is concentration correctly listed on degree evaluation?




Degree Evaluation


Number of hours completed:



Number of hours currently enrolled in



Number of hours intending to enroll in next semester


* At the end of next semester will you have 120 hours or more?  

Number of total upper level hours
completed: (3000/4000 level courses)



Number of total upper level hours
currently enrolled in



Number of upper level hours intending
to enroll next semester:


* At the end of next semester will you have 60 (or 54 IBS) upper level hours? 

Cumulative UNF GPA


Upper Level UNF GPA  *


* Have the College of Business prerequisites been met?


* Have all general education or AA requirements been met?
* Have all prerequisites been met for policy? (FIN 3403, MAN 3025, MAR 3023) 
* Has foreign language requirement been met?
* Has residency been met?
* Have UNF summer hours been met?



* IB & Economics Majors

IB Majors (all catalog years) & Economics majors (catalog year 2007/2008 and beyond.  All other majors may click "Submit" 

(IB & Econ majors) Has study abroad been taken?



If no, when will you be studying abroad?



(IB majors only) Has internship (GEB 3361) been approved or completed?
If no, when will you be studying abroad?


If no, when will you be completing your internship?