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Advising Survey

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 * First visit to Advising Office.  

 * The advisors discussion was organized and informative. 



*  The advisor was prepared to discuss my academic program of study as it relates to my academic goals. 



*  The advisor confirmed that I understood my program of study as it relates to my academic goals. 



 * The advisor clearly explained pertinent University and/or College policies. 



 * The advisor was geuinely interested in my academic progress and professional development.   



*  The advisor provided a comfortable and open atmosphere and had a positive attitude toward advising.



*  The advisor was a good listener.  



*  The advisor has encouraged me and assisted me in reaching my educational goals.



*  When possible, my preference is to meet with the same advisor for all of my academic advising appointments. 



*  The advisor provided me with accurate information about Coggin College of Business program prerequisites and information sources for individual course prerequisites.  



*  I would rate the overall quality as excellent in Coggin College of Business academic advising. 



*  I would recommend this advisor to other students.  






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