Interested in Joining Osprey Productions (OP)? 

OP is a volunteer based organization, so you can be as involved as you want to be. It’s a great way to meet people and get the inside scoop on upcoming campus activities including concerts and other shows. There are also awesome perks to being a member! The best part is, joining is FREE!


Stop by our office in the east building of the Student Union, (Building 58E, Room 3102) and grab an application or fill the information in below!


After you submit your application you will get a Pre Osprey Productions Student badge or “POPs” badge that has your information and a checklist on the back. After you help with events, the leadership will check off each of the boxes and when they’re full, you will be inducted as a full member and enjoy member perks.

POPs badge checklist includes:

  • Helping out with four weekly events. (coffehouse, open mic, movies, etc.)
  • Attending two weekly meetings or committee meetings.
  • Helping out with a main stage show. (big acts such as Ludacris or Gabriel Iglesias)
  • Attending an Osprey Productions new member orientation

Application Information



First Name:   
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How did you hear about OP?  
Why do you want to join OP?  
What can you bring to OP and do you have any super powers?  
Do you have any suggestions for events on campus?