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Brooks College of Health
Registration Override Request Form 


Restrictions on other Brooks College of Health courses (APK, DIE, FSS, FOS, FSS, HUN, NUR, PET prefixes) will not be lifted.


Brooks College of Health advisors are only able to review override requests for courses with the following prefixes: APK, DIE, FSS, HSA, HSC, HUN, MHS, NGR, NUR, PET, PHC, PHT. For all other courses, please fill out an override request form for the appropriate college at  


N Number:  

Phone Number:


UNF E-mail:  



Please fill in all columns below for each "Course Wanted" listed.
To look up the course prerequisites, visit the course catalog.  


* Courses Wanted

(e.g. HSC2100)

 * Prerequisite for Courses     * Error Code    * Term Requesting Override 


If you are taking a pre-requisite for requested course(s) at another institution, please copy confirmation of the prerequsite

enrollment into the comments box below.