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Pathways Scholarship Application

Please fill out this application completely before submitting. You may consider composing your responses to the essay questions in a separate document and pasting them into this form to ensure spelling and grammar are correct. Scholarships are competitive so it is important to make the best impression. Good luck!

Scholarship Information


What scholarship are you applying for?  


Personal Infromation


Street Address:  
Zip Code:  
Home Phone:  
Cell Phone:  


Academic Infromation


Term Entering UNF:  
Current High School:  
Intended Major(s):  
intended Career(s):  


Demographic infromation


Do you work?


If yes, where and how many hours/week?


Is your family on government assistance?


If yes, list type and amount.



Are you the first in your family to attend college?


Are you a resident of public housing or Habitat for Humanity?

If yes, please list housing community.


Number in Household:



List name(s) and relationship(s); if siblings, list age and school.






Briefly explain any special family or financial circumstances:






What's the best advice you've been given?




Your responses should be a maximum of 500 words per question. 


What has been your proudest achievement, and why? (this can be in school, outside of school, at home, related to the next question, or something completely different)



What is the most difficult challenge you have faced, and how have you tried to overcome it?



What do you think is the most pressing issue in your community, and how does this affect your community?





I certify that the information provided is correct and complete. I understand that any false information supplied will invalidate my application and will deem me ineligible to receive a scholarship. I certify that I am a United States citizen or permanent resident, and in order to receive any scholarship money, I will provide my social security number. Permission is hereby given to high school, college/university, federal, state or county officials to release to Pathways to Success any information concerning my financial aid, academic and personal circumstances related to my application, and my scholarship eligibility. Permission is hereby given to Pathways to Success to use information in my application for media purposes, although the candidates’ and their family’s privacy will be respected.

Please check here to accept the agreement above.   



Once you have filled in all of the information above, please click "Submit" to complete the first part of your scholarship application. You will then be directed to a page where you can print the second part of the application.