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CPDT Lab Reservation Request Form

 Before requesting use of the CPDT computer training labs, please check the room allocation calendar to ensure that the room is available for the date(s) and time(s) needed.


  • For DEPARTMENT-SPECIFIC training courses, please complete all of the required information in this form to request the use of a CPDT computer training lab or conference room. Department-specific training support does not include registration, evaluation and/or promotional services.
  • For EXISTING END-USER courses (currently in the CPDT catalog), please complete this form to request support in setting up a training session.
  • NEW TRAINING courses must be created in conjunction with the CPDT course development guidelines.

Registration, evaluation, and promotion services are only available for EXISTING END-USER training;  Contact CPDT directly with any questions, concerns, or special requests at (904) 620-1707 or email


Important timelines:

  • At least 3 business days notice is required to reserve a lab for functional training (or at least 3 weeks notice if computer application/program installation is required, or if guidance for registration, promotion, and/or evaluation is needed).
  • At least 3 weeks notice is required to reserve a lab for existing end-user training to accommodate the registration, evaluation, and promotion support processes through CPDT.
  • CPDT requests at least 48 hours advance notice of all session cancellations. For existing end-user training session cancellation, CPDT will handle notification of registered participants.

Contact Information

Department:                       *Department Contact:               

Contact Email:                    Contact Phone Number:         


Training Session Information

Training Type:          Class Title/Topic:                      



Start Date:  Friday, July 30, 2010 Select a Date Delete the Date     Stop Date:  Friday, July 30, 2010 Select a Date Delete the Date


Time Required (ex: 9:30 a.m. - noon):          


Facilitator/Trainer Name:                                


General Audience:





Specific Audience Group:        


Approximate # of Attendees:  


Location and **Equipment/Computer Information

Location Requested:               




Computer Application/Program Installation:


If YES to the above question, describe the application/program to be installed:



Please list any additional equipment (technical or audio-visual) requests:



For EXISTING END-USER Training Sessions Only





Evaluation: CPDT requires evaluation for all End-User training sessions


Please list any additonal special requests for registration, promotion, and evaluation support:




Once the requested lab has been confirmed and the reservation has been added to all necessary calendars, the requesting department contact will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive confirmation within 24 hours, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact CPDT at (904) 620-1707 or email



*Department contact is responsible for: (1) picking up the lab key from CPDT (1/1301) and returning it immediately after training is complete, (2) if using TRS support, printing a sign-in sheet for each day, having participants sign in and fax to CPDT at ext. 1711, (3) logging off all computers, shutting down projector, turning off remote mouse (if used) and locking door at completion of training session. Only drinks in tightly covered containers are allowed in computer labs. There is no food allowed.


** Both computer training labs are equipped with an LCD projector, projector screen, instructor computer station, remote mouse/laser pointer, printer, dry-erase board, and one flip-chart with stand. If special computer application/program installation is requested, the appropriate tech support personnel will communicate with the department contact to coordinate installation and testing prior to the session.


***Requires additional planning. A CPDT staff member will contact the requesting department to discuss options.

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